Foxhole How to Build Trenches

A brief in depth information on methods to correctly construct trenches.


The aim of this information is to assist new gamers correctly construct trenches.


– Equip a shovel

– Press “B”

– Hover over the “Trench” button

– Left Click to put down the ditch blueprint.

– Dig till the ditch is completed.

Trench Layout

Setup your trench to face the opposing faction. Do not construct your trenches vertically to the enemy when defending a trench line.

The pink arrow signifies the place the enemy is approaching from. In an ideal world you may need your trenches dealing with a no man’s land so the opposing faction has no cowl.

The Orange Dots point out the defenders. You’ll wish to shoot from these positions. If grenades grow to be an issue, fall again to the secondary line of defense if the grenades cannot be prevented.

Foxhole How to Build Trenches

Trench Upgrades

Once You’ve constructed your trench you’ll be able to improve it.

– Equip a hammer

– Press “F”

– Press “E” on the chosen trench.

– Hover over “Barb wire upgrade” and place the barb wire dealing with the enemy.

– Hover over “Sandbag upgrade” and place the sandbags at your rear.

– Hover over “Tier Two Trench” and improve the ditch to tier two.

The picture under is what your upgraded trench ought to seem like.

Foxhole How to Build Trenches


Make positive if potential to face AI in direction of your trenches. The AI will shoot any approaching invaders.

Refer to the picture under of machine gun pillboxes defending the trenches from invaders.

Foxhole How to Build Trenches

Timely Manner

If somebody tells you what your digging is not serving to they MAY be proper. Ask them what’s flawed with what you are doing.

For instance if the invaders are pushing to such an extent that you simply will not end your trench line in time maybe it’s best to fall again a bit.

It’s higher to construct one thing nice than construct one thing half constructed for use towards you later.

Foxhole How to Build Trenches
Foxhole How to Build Trenches
Foxhole How to Build Trenches

Why Build Trenches?

Advantages to correctly constructed trenches

Tier II trenches can absorb tons of injury earlier than really happening.

Repairs simply and safely.

Creates synthetic chokepoints.

Gives you a line of full cowl.

Easy to ambush unsuspecting invaders (Crouch -> Stand up inside the ditch).

Protects you from artillery fully (except the artillery lands inside the ditch).

If the entrance is liable to being shelled to hell, trenches can be utilized as a protected pathway to the frontline.

Relatively low-cost to provide for the wonderful defensive capabilities.


Grenades may be devastating. Grenades will wipe out everybody inside if they cannot keep away from the grenade blast.

Trenches may be captured by the opposing faction. Don’t allow them to take away your trench upgrades!


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