Fox Girls Never Play Dirty Walkthrough

Factory Town

– Starting off, go to the upper left room in the first map to grab the key from the chest

– Go to the right room of the first map to use to key to open it

– Shop vendor sells dog food, buy 1 for the dog

– Beat the boss

– Go to the factory and talk to the guy near the red crates

– Activate the switch and talk to the gorilla at the bottom of the first factory enemy map

– Go to the door and activate it

– Kill all the enemies and go talk to the guy by the staircase

– Go to the last map and beat the boss

– After that, go talk to the guy near the red crates again and talk to the white cat inside there

– Go to the right and enter the castle

– Straight forward, go to the end of the dungeon in the basement and beat the boss

– Hit the pig that’s blocking the door, then go inside and ride the train


-Go down and try to pass the guards

-Go find the house with the guy standing next to it on the right side and enter

-Fight and beat the guy inside

-Now you can pass the polices, go advance through the dungeons and beat the boss


-Talk to the guy at the school door entrance at the bottom of the map

-Talk to the 2 guys near the school entrance(not polices)

-Go to the police station

-Head out and go down to the harbor and either buy police pass for 3000 or naked

-Talk to the guy blocking the door again

-Go inside the giant door by the stairs and talk to the guy sitting down, then go to the door with heart marked

-Go to the left room and switch the blue and red guy to on

-After you advanced far enough, you’ll be blocked by crystals, go into the classroom and switch the one sitting at the left to off and right to off (both)

-Beat the boss, then climb the stairs and talk to the girl(only the second choice works)

-You’ll get teleport back to the initial room, go talk to the female there

-Go to the door with the AV letter and enter it

-Talk to the guy by the doorway

-Enter it and exit the place

-Head on to the cave and beat the dragon in there, you’ll now receive the teleporter which makes life so much easier

-Go back to the AV place and talk to the guy by the counter

-Head to the lower left of the place and grab the shining thing by the crates and give it to the guy blocking the door

-Go to the left door and up and talk to the guy, he’ll give you a dvd to give to the guy blocking again

-Go to the far left door and talk to the lady to go up

-Go to the AV head office guy and he’ll give you the storage key

-Go to the inn and sleep

-Head on to the storage by the harbor and activate the switches to leap

-Now go back to the school

-Go to the train station

High-Class Town

-Head all the way to the left and interact with the gate

-Talk to the lady on the right to borrow her clothes, then interact with the gate again(Make sure to give it back her clothes, or she’ll catch a cold :3)

-Go inside and to the right room

-Inside the jail, interact with the deformed brick at the top right

-Go and talk to the bat and first choice twice

-Lisa and get out

-Fight the maid and leave the mansion

-Talk to the two girls standing by a house and interact with the door

-Go to the Office at the bottom left of the map

-Head into the forest and to the mysterious building

-Kill the slime thing to the left, then go up the stairs

-Kill the guy at the right and use him as a stepping stone to kill the slime thing again at the center

-Kill slime again, top one then right one

-Boss fight with the Cerberus

-Go back to the town and to the office and talk to the guy

-Go to the brothel at the lower left of the map

-Go back to the house with the two girls outside, fight boss or watch

-Head on out and another boss fight

-Go to the inn and sleep

-Head on to the bar and talk to the cashier

-Head downstairs and to the boss room, and place grain that you got from the guy at the office at the room right next to it(or the other option, poor pig :'( )

-Go back to the inn

-Head to the station and talk to the officer, then talk to the idol when she enters

-Go all the way down and interact with the carriage

-Go inside the building and talk with the old dude

-Talk to the guy by the car and get inside the car

Desert Town

-In prison now, talk to the guard and select choice 3

-Go and interact with the hole then talk to the slime

-Head on down and grab the clothes(Option is just saying to spray or no spray)

-Talk to slime to make pathways

-Talk to the two guards blocking the paths

-Save Serena and Lisa, then talk to slime again

-Go and kill the 3 slimes around the map, then fight the guard and get out

-Go the the police post all the way at the top left

-Head to the bar below it and fight the guy by the counter

-Go to the Police Station right beside the prison and talk to the head officer, then interact with the documents

-Go to the Valcano Cave and into the factory

-Get the 2 keys on the map to the right(shiny spot), then the map top of it(shiny spot)

-Go and activate the doors and make your way to the boss room

-Back to the office and talk to the head officer

-Go to the item shop and go up the stairs to talk to the cashier, select the 3rd option

-Go all the way up and fight the boss

-Go to the church and talk to the pope

-Not exactly sure what to give him here(*edit: found what he ♥♥♥♥♥ want, go to the item shop to buy a cheese and a lemon, cost 1000 & 800 ), but you can just select the second option twice

-Interact with the statue


-Head into boss room for a instant down, second option to get crotch tattoo and raped, first is to avoid that

-Talk to the girls in the bed

-Go to the jail and talk to the girl on the right cell from the slime steps, then head up and talk to the eye patch guy

-Go and talk to the pope, then head on to the village (edit:the forest area is the place before the school took me 20min to find it like wtf)

-Through the forest, go to the abandoned house at top right and down the stairs

-Quiz time, 4, 1, 1, 2 are the correct answers

-Talk to the thief and he’ll give you the silver bullet for the wolf

-Head back to Desert Town and to the mansion at the right side of the town

-Go in and head all the way to the left, then go to the room with the gorilla and give him the stomach pain relief

-Shove him the the circle on the right

-Go up the stairs and head all the way to the left again, talk to the little girl and select first option twice

-Talk to the guy and shove him on the circle

-Go and fight the boss

-Head back into town and go to the inn

-Head up to the dock




-Go on the boat and depending on who likes you more,

leave the room and go to out to the

left (Serena a.k.a. best scene in the game imo)


go to the room right next to yours (Lisa)


-Head on to the brothel in the upper right and talk to the guy, then head out

-Go back to Factory Town and go in the factory to talk to the guy

-Head back to the Kingdom and go to the jail

-Talk to the guy and head on down

-Fight your way through and talk to the guard, then keep going and you’ll be proc with a boss fight

-Head up and talk to the wolf girl

-Go back to Factory Town and to the factory

-Talk to the guy again and head back to the Kingdom

-Go to the brothel and talk to the guy again

-Go to the inn and sleep, then go to the mountain to the right

-Head up the first rope and into the Cavern

-Talk to the wolf dude blocking your path then go into the room on the left and talk to the girl in the bed second from the left

-Go back and give the wolf guy the stuff and head on up to get blocked by another wolf guy

-Go to the room on the left and talk to the right girl, then go back to the guy and give him the stuff again

-Head on up and fight the boss, then after a bit of dialogue you’ll get two options, 2nd is h-scene and 1st is you getting up after taking magic blasts after blasts

-Go to the School Town and to the school

-Portal should be there, use it and go talk to the principal and then interact with the spark by the bookcase

-Go to the library(Use portal to go back to school entrance, up the stairs, and door should be all the way to the right)

-Go through the door with blue symbols, advance through the dungeon, and beat the golem boss

-Head on inside and interact with 2 sparkling symbols

-Go back to the Kingdom and head over to the ruins on the left

-Interact with the barricade and then proceed through the ruins(Shiny mushroom has hidden stuff if you’re interested)

-Interact with the wall besides the shiny mushroom

-Go into 2 rooms and grab the stuff in the chests as you advance down, then escape

-Go back to the Kingdom and head over to the castle

-Fight through a crap ton of guards and fight the boss

-After that, you’ll get teleported back to the entrance, now head down and get the golden sword(Heroine from last game makes a cameo)

-Go to the mountain and climb the second rope

-Advance through the dungeons and go to the final boss room

-After you beat it(or not if you’re on the NTR route), you’ll get teleported to the castle, head to the balcony

-Free roam all you want and finish the game by going to the School town and bring Lisa to see her parents


This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Fox Girls Never Play Dirty Walkthrough that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank rumbler616. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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