Fortnite Reload is not the OG return you expected


    We’ve all been crossing our fingers for the return of the OG Fortnite, which is why the surprise of Fortnite Reload had us jumping for joy. However, we shouldn’t get our hopes too high because this is not the OG Fortnite you were expecting.

    Fortnite OG has been something we’ve all been dreaming about for a while now: the return of old locations, classic weapons and items, and just an overall simpler and more fun time to play. Epic Games, however, has been less concerned with looking to the past and has instead worked at full speed on the future of Fortnite, incorporating new content, as we can see in the Roadmap 2024. While Fortnite Reload is definitely a taste of that OG era, it’s not exactly the return we were all hoping for, mainly because it features more new than old.

    Screenshot via Epic Games

    Fortnite Reload brings back the classic points of interest, but they will not be exact replicas of the old ones. According to Epic Games themselves, they are ‘inspired’ by the OG locations. They will be around a new ‘mini’ map and will be smaller variations of the maps we knew and loved. That’s why we can see some of them renamed as “Lil’ Loot Lake”.

    The main reason Reload will be different from OG Fortnite is the new reset mechanic. This mode will focus more on this new feature than anything else. Allows players to reset unlimitedly, as long as they have squadmates alive. They can keep returning to the game until the endgame begins and reduce cooldown reset times based on their eliminations. This leads to the final point, which is that Reload will be a single squad mode.

    Screenshot via Epic Games

    You read that right. Fortnite Reload can only be played in squads. This puts a damper on OG Fortnite nostalgia for those players who normally team up solo or in duos. While you’ll most likely be able to queue up for the match without a full team, you’ll still encounter full teams taking on you. This makes it a more challenging and team-focused mode.

    These are some really cool and fresh ideas from Epic Games that continue to make Fortnite an ever-evolving game. However, if you were hoping to return to the “good old days” of Fortnite, you may be a little disappointed. You can appreciate the weapons, items, and original versions of those classic locations, but ultimately it will still be a completely new experience.

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