Fortnite MHA Hero Training Gym Code


    The My Hero Academia collaboration has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, and players will be able to see various skins, missions, and even a creative map. The Hero Training Gym map is now available in-game, and players need to know their island code and how to queue for a match. Here is the island code for Hero Training Gym in Fortnite.

    What is the island code for My Hero Academia Hero Training Gym in Fortnite?

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    Players who want to get on the Hero Training Gym, select the Discover tab and navigate to the hero training gym Map. Players can also enter the island code writing the following 6917-7775-5190. This creative island was designed by the Zen Creative team. Players can choose from one of three classes to fight opponents in team fights. There are two arena settings, and players can also use Deku’s Smash.

    Hero Training Gym allows players to capture Rescue Zones. In the fight between teams, players can win rescue points eliminating opponents, and also capturing Rescue Zones. Each kill counts as one save point and the zones will change around the map. The teams that accumulate 100 points first will win the match.

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    There are a few My Hero Academia missions that players can complete in the Hero Training Gym. For example, players can earn Deku spray by helping take out opponents in the Hero Training Gym. Similarly, the Plus Ultra spray will be awarded for earning points and securing rescue points in the Hero Training Gym. Make sure you complete all of these missions to earn massive XP and complete the battle pass in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

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