Fortnite Fortuno Code – How to play UNO in Fortnite


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    While Fortnite made its claim as a base-building survival shooter turned battle royale, one thing I enjoy the most is the sheer creativity players have in the Fortnite Creative Mode. I’ve seen many delightful games created, such as driving maps, role-playing maps, and more. But one I didn’t expect was someone to create UNO. This left me wondering how to play UNO in Fortnite.

    Fortnite UNO Island Code

    To play UNO in Fortnite, you must enter the island code of 9573-7199-4945. This will queue you up for Fortuno, and you must then ready up. You will be placed in a public game where you wait for other players. Once enough players have joined, the game will begin.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

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    How to play UNO in Fortnite

    The rules of UNO remain the same in Fortnite as in the classic card game. Your goal is to have zero cards by playing all of your cards. You can play this fairly by using up your cards or skip your opponents and make them draw cards. However, you win doesn’t matter, as long as you win.

    In Fortnite, a card is played by shooting it. This card must either match the color or number of the current card. If you are changing the color of the card, then you must shoot your selected color. If you do not have a card you can play, shoot the deck to draw a card. Your turn has a time limit, so decide before this runs out. When you have a single card remaining, shoot the special button that appears before other players, or you will draw two cards.

    There are number cards ranging from 0-19, and these come in red, blue, yellow, and green. There are also four action cards you can play. These are:

    • Color Change:
      • Changes color of the current card.
    • Skip:
    • Reverse:
      • Reverses the order of play.
    • Draw Four:
      • Makes an opponent draw four cards. Also changes the color of the current card.

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