Fortnite Chapter 5 racing mode leaks ahead of reveal


    It’s true that Fortnite has been – well – Fortnite for some time. Though Save the World mode has been present since its inception, that’s not why fans are showing up. Most are popping by for the chaotic battle royale action and the absurd pop-culture crossovers.

    Fortnite has surprisingly tight gameplay for a title that many decry as a mere hobby for children. Fortnite Creative Mode’s upgrades have done a lot to change this, with players being given the tools to build their own entire games in the free-to-play banger’s incredible engine.

    Modes come and go to Fortnite, and after Zero Build became a popular addition, it looks like another new mode looks to be on the way – and it could change everything.

    Fortnite Racing Mode could be on the way

    New leaks have indicated that a new way to play Fortnite is right around the corner, and it’s a mode that many fans never knew they wanted.

    According to reputable Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, a Fortnite Racing Mode has had its details leaked. If all is to be believed, there will be four different modes, 12 casual maps, and a competitive mode with four exclusive tracks to go with it.

    This rumoured Fortnite Racing mode reportedly has its own custom UI, packs unlockable cars, and even comes with a tutorial. It’s a tempting look at what could be to come – but there’s another implication that players have picked up on that could determine its own success.

    Fortnite Racing reportedly has its own battle pass

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    This flashy new Fortnite Racing mode supposedly comes with its own battle pass that’s separate from the one that accompanies the core battle royale experience. This has players a little concerned that Epic Games is going too hard, too fast.

    It also sees the game(s) banking pretty heavily on players having two different battle passes active in the game at once. This is a fair concern, but only time will tell if Fortnite Racing comes to life. If it’s the success that Epic Games clearly thinks it can be, you’d better start your engines.


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