FOREWARNED Tips For Beginners

Tips for beginners.

How to beat different Mejai after looting inner tomb.

Necreph in physical form: Use tablet+ with nightvision. Stay quiet, be sneaky. Turn off all lights, torches etc. It is safe to see and look at him via nightvision. He teleports around tomb in random spots and roam around. You hear chains banging floor? It mens he is near you.

Ouphris in physical form: Stay quiet and try avoid him as long as you could. When he spot you, try find blue lever as fast as you could before weirdo starts whistle. If you are rich you can use protection amulet. Lose line of sight with him after He starts follow you. After whistle when he locks on target and speed up. It is very hard to outrun and lose him when he enter kill-mode. Protection amulet is your last line of defense. When he attacks his target see him in mimic form, other players in his true form as mummy.

Dekan in physical form: Be sneaky and quiet. Do not run or use mic near him. When he heard sound, he rush to check arena. You can place and play radio to distract him. Warring: He can destroy your radio. He can see you when you come to close to him, touch hum even when you are completely silent.

Rathos in physical form: Try avoid him. When he spots you: outrun him, loop around corners and huge objects. Lose line of sight with him. You can push dude back from you 3 times(on easy mode) with torch before he beat you.

General tips.

Teamwork with tools to speed up evidence collecting. Exemple: One person took torch, lighter, camera. Second person places radar sensor, walks around with giger counter and flashlight. 3rd person walks with compass, flashlight, upgraded metal detector.

First items you should buy: Camera, torch, headlamp. They are just fine to get to know the game at the beginning and get to know how to navigate around tombs. Taking pictures of secondary objectives quickly makes the experience. More XP = better items. Later, buy the items needed to collect evidence and survive the meeting with Mejai after opening inner tomb; tablet with night vision, radio, protection amulet.

Do not rush when you play solo. It is better to rob only the outer tombs at first, before you accumulate better equipment and more gold for it. Sure you can outsmart or outrun Ratharos(Classic Imhotep mummy), Dekan(Big bulky guy) with basic items. Ouphris(Mimic dude with ugly 3 faces), Necreph(Creepy Rat-human with chains and teleportation skill) They will be a problem to beat with only basic equipment.

Upgrade Metal Detector to next level. Without improvements it is hard to avoid spikes in the treasure room or point it direct to the Mejai in spirit form for metalic signature evidence.

Listen to what is happening around you in the outer tomb to gather evidence such as: voice, magnetic distortion, tumors, destruction.

Protection amulet works only against Ouphris when he is in his physical form. Do not try hug other Mejai with it.

In pvp mode after you die, remember you are very weak. One mummy one torch.


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