FOREWARNED Mejai Types List (Types And Powers)

Mejai research notes from journal. Mejai Evidence types and Powers.

Dekan the Lost

FOREWARNED Mejai Types List (Types And Powers)
  • Runs faster than players. When Dekan is chasing you, you can’t outrun him.
  • Can hear the smartwatch radio from really far away and immediately searches where the sound comes from. But he doesn’t hear received messages.
  • Can hear your local voice.
  • Dekan has to be within touch distance to see you and can not see your flashlight.
  • Crouching does not make you extra silent, but running makes a lot of noise.
  • Default mummy distract key is “P”. [further research required]

Necreph the Shadow

FOREWARNED Mejai Types List (Types And Powers)
  • Necreph doesn’t walk. Instead, he teleports to random places inside the tomb.
  • Necreph can sense light sources from really far away.
  • Makes chain sounds and listening to them is how you can determine Necreph’s location. If you don’t hear chains, that means it’s teleported far away from you.
  • You can kinda look at Necreph from a good distance but if you are too close or look at it really long it will close the gap really fast. Suddenly looking away may save you.
  • If you are unlucky, sometimes Necreph teleports on you and kill you immediately.
  • Necreph can’t see a lit lighter in your belt.
  • Safest way to deal with Necreph is waiting until it teleports away from you.
  • Looking at the ground prevents you from accidentally staring at him.
  • There is a current bug where despite a player turning off their light, it will look turned-on to other users. This can make it much easier to deal with Necreph.

Ouphris the Forgotten

FOREWARNED Mejai Types List (Types And Powers)
  • Ouphris mimics players other than you. Every player see it as one of the other players’ model.
  • You can identify Ouphris easily since it never hold item in its hand. Also when you see another player, flashing your lights is a good tactic to tell you are friendly.
  • If Ouphris sees someone, it will immediately follow them to touch distance but will not kill them right away. If you manage to break line of sight it will continue to roam.
  • After following you 30 to 60 seconds. Ouphris going to start whistle for a few seconds. When the whistling stops if you are still in his line of sight it will start to run really fast and kill you. Others can see its true form at this point. After a couple of seconds, it will shapeshift again.
  • You can hide in empty sarcophagus. Seems like it can’t find you in there.
  • I have not yet tested the amulet.

Rathos the Damned

FOREWARNED Mejai Types List (Types And Powers)
  • Rathos is really very silent. Most of the time you are going to come face to face with it when you turn corners.
  • If you are holding a torch, Rathos screams at you before it attacks. Use this time to run away and try to break line of sight.
  • He can sense the relic holder but I’m not sure how this works [further research required]
  • After a certain time or killing at least one player [further research required] he becomes a Royal Mummy. This form is faster and combined with his silent approach, you will most likely be caught from behind. So watch your back.
  • Rathos seems like can’t pass lit torches in narrow corridors like corridors with axe traps. [further research required]

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