For The King DLC The Lost Civilization Achievement Strategy

Because there are already 72 achievements in the basic version written by the great god in the guide, we will not describe here, but only guide the 6 achievements of the lost civilization of the new dlc.


The dlc all achievements are very simple and easy to get, 4 of the 6 achievements are pure story achievements, and the other two are also very good achievements (respectively the new disaster achievement and the monster spawning achievement). Recommend everyone to complete ~

Note: The

new dlc has a branch plot. When you hit the jungle waterfall, you will be able to choose 1 mission from “Coke Dry Wasteland” and Volcanic Rock Islands”, resulting in different achievements. Therefore, if you want to achieve full success, You need to open two gears at the fork to complete the two plots until the achievement jumps out. A single copy of the copy cannot be completed, but fortunately the plot is not random. Therefore, the plot is not random. The following will mark out all the achievements of which branch, please don’t confuse it~

Process/Plot Achievement

1. Intergalactic Planetary (available with a single brush, irrelevant branch)

Clear the lost civilization for 1 time

2. Welcome to the jungle (available with a single brush, irrelevant branch)

Pass the first level of the jungle waterfall fortress battle

3. Are you not entertainer? (焦乾Wasteland branch)

Clear the boss battle on the Jiaogan Wasteland map-defeat the “champion” in the gladiatorial arena. Note that this achievement can also unlock a new role Gladiator (the strongest king of physical attack, excellent consciousness and power, and agility equal to the herbalist. ) 4. The floor is lava (Volcanic Rock Islands branch) Clear the Obsidian Fort Cave in the Volcanic Rock Islands

For The King DLC The Lost Civilization Achievement Strategy

Disaster achievement

5. An apple a day…

There is a new disaster in this DLC-Witch Doctor, which will affect the disease debuff. You can obtain this achievement by fighting against sealing the disaster.

Note that you may not get it by just brushing it, so it is recommended to take a look around the continents of the visual scroll, and it will be done~

For The King DLC The Lost Civilization Achievement Strategy

Monster spawning achievements

6. I hate snakes

There are many new monsters and mutants in this DLC, among which the two new types are chickens and snakes. Kill 25 snakes to get this achievement. The rattlesnakes, cobras, and snakes can eat snakes, and the jungle will have more.

For The King DLC The Lost Civilization Achievement Strategy

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