For The King Beginners Guide And Game Tips

For beginners, acquaintance with the game.

The main thing…

At first, all treatment is reduced only to the use of a tent camp, services in cities and herbs from a pocket, so herbs should be bought as quickly as possible, while they are cheap. With the completion of the final goal of each stage, the prices for consumables will rise. You will be very lucky if you come across an item with mass healing – a lute, a book, a staff or a hat, which gives the same skills as a herbalist. But the trouble is that the quality of these items is fixed, and they take up a slot, and if there is a better thing, then you will have to choose between the desire to amuse your PC or the life of the characters.

The herbalist skill allows you to heal the entire group with one blade of grass in battle (either after a battle inside the dungeon or during the rest stage before descending to the floor below). The effect will be calculated from the quality of her SMOKING PIPE (!!!), the pipe is almost the most important item in the game (thanks to the developer that at least this item is not destroyed by acid). True, you need to spend a turn to heal the entire group, and the personal use of one blade of grass just for yourself does not spend a turn. The herbalist feels much freer, she can use mass healing and any weapon (staff / book), so unlocking the herbalist is one of the main priorities in the discovery shop. Also, the herbalist with a certain chance collects herbs during the day at the end of her turn, if she is standing on a free square (your characters do not interfere) and is not under the influence of a blinding curse.

Among other tasty purchases in the Discovery Shop, I will note the night markets and ships – in addition to things, you can buy food on them – drinks or sweets, which increase the attack or defense of the characters. Itinerant pipe vendors will help improve the pipe at a price lower than in the city, healers and red trees will heal. Opening the whirlpool (teleport) will help in travel, before them all movement will be on its own two feet, with the support of nettle grass and teleport scrolls. Purple scrolls allow you to put a portal for the group at a distance depending on the character’s mind, so the herbalist will come in handy here, and in her absence, the scientist.

The minstrel receives a buff to the gold received from the lute, if you dress him up with the buildup of this bonus and visit the sanctuary with a buff for gold, then it will be easier with money. The main thing is to get some item with immunity to theft, otherwise it will be rubbish. Some creatures steal herbs from the belt, so the immunity to theft will also come in handy for the herbalist in the battle with shellfish. You can collect gold from chests after a battle with a character with a buff to receive gold, and then transfer and store it on another. But a small amount of it is sometimes useful on any character – there may be random merchants and wells, where a hard coin improves the chance of winning. Just do not forget to divide the gold between the characters if you plan to enter the city and use the services of treatment / upgrade the pipe.

When I made the first long run, the minstrel carried two sets of weapons with me – a katana with a shield (rare, since it is designed for an artist) and a lute. When he did not know what kind of enemy would be, he wore a katana with a shield, and, if the enemy was with good protection from magic, he beat with a sword, and if he was armored, he changed his weapon to a lute and beat with magic. Therefore, in all battles, I had 1 fighter with physical damage, 1 with magic – a scientist, and a minstrel switching according to circumstances. A spare weapon (and rings with necklaces) will not hurt if it has other skills or a solid bonus against a certain type of creature (or immunities), but penetration of protection, bleeding, disarming or stunning is valuable on any weapon. Buffs / debuffs on books and staves are also very juicy towards the end of the adventure, for example, restoring focus to everyone in the +3 group, removing debuffs, dodging, protecting, acceleration, freezing, arson, etc., but as always, you need to choose one thing … However, having correctly selected the weapon for the enemy, you can roll it without taking damage at all. So don’t be in a rush to sell items with tasty bonuses and short attack rolls.

Strip dance

Dressing up in general can make the adventure much easier, but it complicates the controls.


Characters move in a bunch, met mummies – the one with the highest physical damage wears a hat with damage against the undead. End of turn? We put on the character things with health regeneration and focus restoration / collecting herbs / with inspiration (the minstrel skill, which gives experience to characters on the cell with him and on the neighboring ones). We transfer things with vision and range and put them on the character who will be walking. In general, this is all very hemorrhoid, but whether it makes sense to wear some slippers at once by the three of us in turn, decide for yourself. There is no particular need for this at an easy level of complexity. The only thing that can make you think and change clothes is a meeting with all sorts of giants who hit the cabbage soup very painfully, if the characters are wearing things with a bonus to characteristics, and not to armor, and if you do not control the enemy.

Separately, I note that the maximum level of the characteristic is 95. If you have dressed a character and the total bonus has exceeded this value, the color of the characteristic will change to yellow – it makes sense to think whether it is worth wearing something else. Artifacts require special attention, since their bonuses are very interesting, but not always in demand.


Now a little about accessible and easily opened classes.

Blacksmith / Lumberjack

Weapons: swords, axes, clubs + shield / two-handed swords, axes, clubs / cannon (rare).

+ Can block attack (shield equipped).

– Low speed, in comparison with a hunter, crawls around the map like a snail.

– Things for strength often reduce an already low speed.

Blacksmith: + Can ignore attack (shield equipped).

Blacksmith: + Secondary characteristic – Talent.

Lumberjack: + Attacking a single target with a two-handed weapon can damage nearby targets.

Lumberjack: + Secondary characteristic – Awareness.

Hunter / Trapper

Weapon: bow / musket / spear / spear + shield / staff (rare).

+ High speed – almost always goes first, and if you have a bow with a massive slowdown, then this is a significant plus at the beginning of the battle.

+ High chance of evading an attack or spell (which is especially good against massive attacks if you put the hunter in the middle slot).

+ Good ambushes, sneaks, escapes from combat.

– Hunter’s gear increases Speed.

– As a scout, he is good in the first slot.

– Secondary characteristic – Talent.

– Hunter’s gear often reduces Talent.

Hunter: + In battle there is a chance for a sniper shot.

Hunter: + At the end of the turn, the movement bonus can be projected.

Hunting: + Does not get ambushed (although these are trifles).


Weapon: staff / book / sword (rare) + shield.

+ Maximum focus reserve +1.

+ Regenerates focus.

+ Secondary characteristic – Talent (talented scientist =).

+ Things on the Mind reduce power.


Weapon: staff / book / sword (rare) + shield.

+ Mass treatment.

+ Gathers herbs.

+ Secondary characteristic – Attention (in the exotic version, you can make a shooter / spearman out of her, if a minstrel and a scientist are in the group with her).

+ Things on the Mind reduce power.

– The speed is slightly below average.


Weapon: Musical Instrument / Katana (Rare) + Shield / Rapier (Rare) + Shield.

+ Has a chance to make one ally’s attack failure roll successful, but when there is a lack of focus, this is very good.

+ Items with a bonus for Talent also increase Luck, some decrease Awareness.

+ Secondary characteristic Mind.

+ If the turn ends on a cell with an ally or on an adjacent one, then the characters can gain additional experience (therefore, if the characters move in a group, then it is advisable to put the minstrel in the third slot – the closing one).

– The speed is slightly below average.

Wandering Artist

Weapon: Musical Instrument / Katana (Rare) + Shield / Rapier (Rare) + Shield.

+ Disrupts enemy attacks (if the minstrel helps his own, then the wandering artist crap enemies).

+ Items with a talent bonus also increase luck.

+ Beggar (if he ends his turn during the day on a cell adjacent to the city, or at night next to the night market / mysterious carnival, then he gets some gold).

+ Simplified escape from the battle.

+ Secondary characteristic – Strength.

– Very little speed, like a blacksmith and lumberjack.

As you can see, the emphasis is on 4 main characteristics (except for physique and luck), and there are 3 slots for characters. When passing traps in dungeons and random interesting things on the map, you will need everything, with one chance or another, so think … for those who do not want to think there is a station wagon class – the Tramp, which has all the characteristics (except for luck) the same – 70 each.


Weapon: any.

+ All characteristics are at a solid level, not maximum, but above average.

– There are no own abilities.

– Maximum focus reserve -1.

When choosing classes for a group, I would be glad to abandon the slow enforcers, but the game very often throws swords into loot and shops (especially, among the top swords there are very cool specimens, but in general, loot is a separate topic for whining). Swords at the start are often better than the weapons of mages / bards / hunters. This is another reason to take the universal Tramp into the group. He is the fastest among the security forces, but his focus penalty and lack of his own skills are very saddening. In the center of the group, it is advisable to put a hunter / hunter / blacksmith, a lumberjack or a Tramp with a shield. And with a lack of focus, the minstrel looks very tempting. In general, the whole game is completely made of torment and torture. Definitely everyone recommends the herbalist because of her herbal collection and treatment. Plus, she is smart, so only a scientist puts mass portals better than her.

Difficulty level Master

Having generated a start several times on a hard difficulty level, I settled on the option when among the tasks in the starting city for one they give a glass sword with 30 damage.

To tell the truth, it was also necessary to catch the option when instead of a swampy area on the map there is a red forest, but oh well.

Because of this sword, my monk could not spend focus in battle, and when the sword broke, I had to reload and start the fight again. But for a very long time, this sword just drags wildly. With him, I immediately killed the Ancient and received a ring with speed, which helped the monk walk on the map and in battle faster than usual.

The situation with failed throws was sometimes saved by the minstrel. Nevertheless, it was necessary to put things on the monk with a bonus on strength. If there were trainers along the way, then it was the character with the glass weapon that increased the main characteristic. At the end of the game, I changed the glass weapon for a mace with a bonus on ghouls, and then for a dragon blade. Then I changed the spear to the hunter for a glass bow with 40 damage and pierced the armor. Also on assignment in one of the last cities (although I was counting on a musket with 40 damage paired with a minstrel lute for a damage buff, but with no luck). In general, it turned out unexpectedly that glass weapons were carrying well with loading.

Perhaps the situation with the clothes would have been better if I hadn’t been in a hurry and looked at the night markets before going to the enemy’s tower, since I had a margin of time. But it was tugovat with a margin of money. In the end, the minstrel also turned out to be not with what I wanted to put on him – with a rapier piercing armor and a shield. With the purchase of godborodok, the plan was too overfulfilled, since in the end 6 blades of grass and 2 fire flowers were not spent. But the extra god-bearers at the end of the game are well, very indecent money.

He actively used scattering at locations in different directions and then entering the dungeon with the whole party – fortunately, all characters are transferred to the dungeon if you enter it alone (provided that all characters are in the same area). Also under the nose at the start was the sanctuary of haste, so the character with the glass sword also walked 3 cells further than the others and did a good job of scouting the territory.

I also used the download in cases where the characters got into very bad ambushes and it was either impossible to get them out, or very expensive. When I caught the acid debuff and lost a thing. When in battle the characters caught the curse on their main characteristic or speed and there was nothing to remove – at the “Master” difficulty level, in cities other than the godbeard, there is rarely any other grass, so there is either a hope for a herbalist, or for a drop, or for an accidental meeting of a wandering herbalist. merchant.

Downloading helps a lot to get through problematic moments (although sometimes you had to reboot a lot, right up to blue in the face) and at the same time revealed some problems with the random number generator. This moment manifests itself well on the well of luck – it seems that the chance of success is 50%, but for some reason 6 failed throws in a row suggest that something is additionally screwed up in the game and is clearly not in favor of the player. If this were an isolated case, then it could be attributed to paranoia or conspiracy theory, but you can check everything on your own. In general, success 🙂

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love For The King Beginners Guide And Game Tips that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Ralentar. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.