For Honor How to Unlock DLC Purchased Characters

how to unlock purchased DLC characters in the game (Griffin, Instigator, Kyoshin)

Description of the problem and solution

Many have faced such a problem as the unavailability of characters after purchasing them on the Steam store. Yubisoft’s support did not help me, and the problem was solved randomly after reinstalling Windows. I will describe the solution to the problem using the example of the character Griffin. Not wanting to save up game currency, I decided to buy myself a griffin for real money. Having bought a griffin, he was also unavailable for me in the game

For Honor How to Unlock DLC Purchased Characters
For Honor How to Unlock DLC Purchased Characters
For Honor How to Unlock DLC Purchased Characters

I wrote to Ubisoft support, they kept me busy for 2 weeks, as a result, my application has not yet been considered, hammering a bolt and getting upset, I went to reinstall Windows in order to get rid of unnecessary garbage and make the OS more stable. Completely demolished all games, including For honor and I had to download them all and voila. After the next linking of Steam accounts with Ubisoft, steam offered me to add additional content (griffin) to the game for honor (uplay). A screenshot with the one where steam offers to add DLC I can not provide, because I did not plan to do the manual and did not take screenshots.

In short, all you need to do is re-link your Steam accounts with Uplay. From the first launch of the game, Steam will offer to bind and then will offer to add DLC to the game.

I got it by downloading the game after reinstalling Windows, perhaps there are other options, less complicated, but the whole solution is that you just need to re-link the accounts of both sites.

Do not judge strictly, the first guide, I hope I explained clearly.

PS and may INCRIDIBILIS be with you

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