First FF14 Test Mount Teased for 7.0, Plus Tons More Dawntrail Goodies


    The final Final Fantasy Everything from new gear sets to mounts, minions, boss gameplay, closer looks at Tural’s new areas, and new system features, there are plenty of goodies to unpack.

    First FFXIV Dawntrail test mount teased

    Well into the Live Letter broadcast, FFXIV director Naoki (“Yoshi-P”) Yoshida took the time to reveal a handful of new mounts that players can expect to earn during their journey through Dawntrail. However, something we didn’t necessarily expect to see so soon was the first official test build for 7.0, and it’s an exceptionally happy surprise.

    As Yoshi-P demonstrates, the mount itself is a set of wings that attach to the player’s back, allowing them to essentially “be” the mount. Many players have been begging for this type of mount since it first appeared in the early days of Endwalker with winged fashion accessories and the winged transport in The Excitatron Treasure Dungeon.

    Therefore, each test mount released throughout version 7.0 will be a different-looking set of wings that players will be able to flex in every sense of the word. We can only imagine what the final mount will look like after collecting them all.

    Other adorable mounts like an Alpaca and a Sugar Glider (seen above) were also delightfully teased, with the latter demonstrating good use of Dawntrail’s new “tilt-by-mount” navigation feature. Dawntrail is definitely up for a serious “mount drip” that players will be scrambling to get their hands on.

    Various adorable minions from Dawntrail

    Along with plenty of mounts to show off, Yoshi-P also had several minions to reveal that will likely appear in a variety of content types in Dawntrail. Included were a hilarious looking lizard (apparently an homage to the Chupacabra), a leopard cub, a baby Mamoolja, a miniature version of the new enemy Cactuar, a charming gray house cat and, of course, a miniature alpaca.

    Wacky Features and Gear Sets (Raids?) Revealed

    There were also some new gear sets for Yoshi-P to show off in his usual visual impression form, starting with the very… well, hardcore RPG gear for all the DoW and DoM classes that players can expect to get. after finishing Dawntrail. new RPG quest lines. So far, the FFXIV community has been very open about its visual ties to influences like Fist of the North Star and even the Mad Max films.

    He also revealed a couple of new tomestone gear skins that players will be able to exchange for Dawntrail’s new tomestone currency, Allagan Tomestones of Aesthetics and Heliometry. These latest tomestones will not be available until patch 7.05. While the glimpse was brief, Yoshi-P was responsible for showing off Pictomancer’s appearance (seen above), one of The new Dawntrail combat jobs.

    However, the most eccentric-looking gear by far is the hyper-futuristic look, which ranges from body suits to other tech-heavy styles. Yoshi-P was careful not to show them all or reveal where these sets can be obtained, but given their general appearance, we can assume that this is likely Arcadion’s first raid gear set. Arcadion Raids (Normal Difficulty) will be available in Patch 7.01, arriving on July 16, and the wild version of the level will arrive later in Patch 7.05, arriving on July 30.

    Closer Looks at Various Dawntrail Areas

    As the release of Dawntrail gets closer and closer, Yoshi-P took it upon himself to take an even closer look at several areas of Dawntrail, including some new ones, although he clarifies that they are not all of them yet.

    However, we have the finished version of the port city of Tulliyollal, where we will arrive for the first time in the expansion. We also took a photo of a never-before-seen center called Shaaloani, which gives off some very charming Wild West vibes in the middle of a desert region.

    Other areas shown include the entrance to a village in the vibrant and colorful Kozama’uka, where the iconic jagged waterfalls are located, along with two contrasting areas of Yak’Tel, another tropical region. While one is bright and lush in the sunlight, another part of the region is hidden under a canopy of trees so thick it looks like the night beneath, with beautiful foliage to boot.

    There are also shots of mountainous Urqopacha, which Yoshi-P noted will be very walkable. In other words, mountain landscapes are not just landscapes. Two shots of Heritage Found include a look at a sinister, deserted city, and we also get a deeper look at Solution Nine, Dawntrail’s highly anticipated hyper-futuristic hub that has its own great concept art (and some potential glamorous teases).

    Yoshi-P also provided first-hand footage of two major boss fights that can be found in Dawntrail. The first shown is the test boss fight against Valigarmanda, a major adversary and plot point of the expansion. Yoshi-P is careful not to show much in terms of mechanics, but the fight takes place atop a giant stone pillar rising into the clouds which is probably above Tulliyollal or somewhere nearby. The first winged test mount shown later in the livestream apparently drops from this fight.

    The other major battle shown was one of the raid bosses from the 8-man raid series The Arcadion, which takes place in an opposite polar environment. Set squarely in the depths of Solution Nine, players will take on various enemies in a vibrant arena, with NPCs filling the stands and an announcer narrating the fight itself, which is an absolute first for FFXIV. Little was revealed about the identity of the boss himself, but the Japanese on his health bar translates to “Black Cat,” so at least we have that.

    New launch trailer reveals subtle plot clues and a mysterious maiden

    To coincide with the imminent release of Dawntrail, a new trailer was also shown with plenty of new visual clues to the plot to look at and ponder. While Yoshi-P revealed virtually nothing about what players can expect from the story, despite its extremely contrasting aesthetic, it appears that the futuristic worlds of Solution Nine and Heritage Found will clash with Tulliyollal in some way.

    Exactly how remains to be seen, but it could definitely go a number of ways. While it seems far-fetched, some parts of the FFXIV community have even ruled out allusions to The Matrix in terms of how areas are connected. Either way, it looks like Wuk Lamat will have to do everything he can to protect his homeland from Tural and further prove his ability to ascend to his father’s throne.

    Other subtle hints include a chalice-shaped object that seems to be incredibly important in some way and our Scions passing through an extremely yellow portal somewhere. All in all, this all-new story will get off to a fascinating start with Dawntrail.

    FFXIV x Gong Cha boba collaboration event launches in July

    Image via Square Enix

    The extensive Live Letter concluded with several product promotions, including another collaborative beverage-related event that will take over the proverbial baton after the Mountain Dew collaboration event currently underway.

    The FFXIV x Gong Cha collaboration event starts on July 17 and ends on August 28. Players can participate by purchasing at least 3 drinks in one transaction at any participating Gong Cha store in the North America, Europe, and Oceania regions. Likely similar to the Butterfinger collaboration event from a few years ago, players should hold on to their receipts as they will likely be used to redeem them for the Porxie King Mount, an actual variant of the existing Porxie mount from the Beast Tribe questline. from Shadowbringers.

    More details will likely be provided during Dawntrail’s launch, including how exactly to redeem your transactions.

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