First 10 DC Heroes To Explore The Multiverse


The multiverse idea has been on the middle of the DC Comics Universe for many years. While the Flash might be probably the most distinguished traveler alongside the multiverse freeway, a number of different DC superheroes have explored the limitless variety of universes in existence.

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Events like Crisis On Infinite Earths, Dark Knights: Metal and dozens of different company-wide crossovers have come to outline the DC multiverse. However, the Justice League and its allies had been crossing common obstacles lengthy earlier than the times of mega crossover occasions. In the Golden and Silver Ages, a visit via the multiverse and again solely took a few points at the beginning was again to regular once more.

10/10 Wonder Woman Was The First DC Hero To Breach The Multiverse (May, 1953)

Wonder Woman (Vol 1) #59, Written By Robert Kanigher, And Penciled/Inked By Harry G. Peter

“Wonder Woman’s Invisible Twin” from May 1953 depicted the Wonder Woman of Earth-One breach the dimensional barrier and journey to an alternate actuality. At the time, Diana was being attacked by an unseen presence any time she encountered her personal reflection.

When the Lasso of Truth obtained struck by lightning, Wonder Woman was transported to a parallel Earth. Diana encountered Tara, this alternate world’s Wonder Woman. Here, the Amazons had been conquered, and Tara was main a battle for his or her freedom. The two Wonder Women teamed as much as free the Amazons, and Wonder Woman returned to her native Earth.

9/10 Green Lantern Travels To The Antimatter Universe (October, 1960)

Green Lantern (Vol 2) #2, Written By John Broome, Penciled By Gil Kane, Inked By Joe Giella, And Lettered By Gaspar Saladino)

In “The Secret of the Golden Thunderbolts,” Telle-Teg confronted Hal Jordan. A being from the antimatter universe, Telle-Teg defined he was from the planet Qward, the place evil habits was lawful and good habits was punished. He warned Hal that the Qwardians had discovered find out how to journey to the constructive matter universe of Earth One and begged Hal to warn Green Lantern.

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This antimatter universe would come into play in Crisis On Infinite Earths. Also, the Qwardians would arm Sinestro and his fear-powered Sinestro Corps with yellow energy rings in “The Sinestro Corps War” story in Green Lantern.

8/10 Superman Changes History And Splinters The Timeline (July, 1961)

Superman (Vol 1) #146, Written By Otto Binder, And Penciled/Inked By Al Plastino

In “Superman’s Greatest Feats!” from July 1961, Superman traveled all through historical past, stopping a number of disasters and saving a number of vital historic figures. He prevented the sinking of Atlantis and saved President Abraham Lincoln from being assassinated. Having modified historical past, Superman resolved to save lots of the inhabitants of Krypton.

Superman raced to his dwelling planet forward of its destruction and constructed a fleet of starships to shepherd its inhabitants to security. When he noticed his toddler self being cradled by his mom, Lara, Superman realized he has created a paradox. As he later instructed Lois when he returned to Earth One, these altered occasions would proceed however in their very own separate universes.

7/10 The Flash Races To Meet The Flash On Earth Two (September, 1961)

The Flash (Vol 1) #123, Written By Gardner Fox, Penciled By Carmine Infantino, Inked By Joe Giella, Colored By Carl Gafford, And Lettered By Gaspar Saladino

During a charity occasion hosted by Barry Allen’s girlfriend Iris West, the Flash inadvertently vibrated at a frequency that transported him to Earth-Two. There, he met Jay Garrick, that world’s Flash. Barry, who knew Garrick as a fictional comedian ebook character in his dwelling universe, discovered that Jay was on the verge of retiring.

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Before Jay might dangle up his wings, he and Barry had been pressured to foil a string of robberies perpetrated by the Thinker. Afterward, Jay resolved to proceed his superhero profession on Earth-Two, and Barry returned dwelling to Earth-One. The success of “The Flash Of Two Worlds” spawned DC’s continued fascination with the multiverse.

6/10 The Justice League And The Justice Society Cross Paths For The First Time (August, 1963)

Justice League Of America (Vol 1) # 21, Written By Gardner Fox, Penciled By Mike Sekowsky, Inked By Bernard Sachs, Lettered By Gaspar Saladino)

The trilogy of multiverse adventures for the Justice League started with the primary “Crisis” story in DC historical past. “Crisis On Earth One” noticed three Justice League villains from Earth-One (the then-present day DCU) pooling their efforts whereas, concurrently, three Justice Society foes from Earth-Two had been doing the identical.

The two teams of villains communicated and swapped locations, forcing their heroic adversaries to face unfamiliar foes. Eventually, the Justice Society crossed over to Earth-One to group up with the Justice League, and each teams pledged to take down the newly fashioned “Crime Champions.”

5/10 Despero Splits The Justice League Across Three Universes (March, 1964)

Justice League Of America (Vol 1) #26, Written By Gardner Fox, Penciled By Mike Sekowsky, And Inked By Bernard Sachs

In Justice League of America (Vol 1) #26, Despero transported the Justice League throughout three separate universes, hoping to divide and conquering. Flash was despatched to a universe the place the dinosaurs survived and advanced into clever, sentient beings. Green Lantern and Batman confronted an Earth populated by clever inspects.

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Meanwhile, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter visited an Earth dominated totally by clever sea creatures. Thankfully, again at Justice League headquarters, Wonder Woman discerned {that a} quickly getting older Superman was actually Despero in disguise. She used the Lasso of Truth to power the confession out of the villain, and Despero returned the Justice League to their dwelling universe.

4/10 The Crime Syndicate Of America Infiltrates Earth One (August, 1964)

Justice League Of America (Vol 1) #29, Written By Gardner Fox, Penciled By Mike Sekowsky, Inked By Bernard Sachs, And Letters By Gaspar Saladino

The twenty ninth Justice League of America problem marked the primary look of the Crime Syndicate of America, evil doppelgangers of the JLA from the mirror universe of Earth-Three. “Crisis On Earth-Three” pitted the Justice League towards Ultraman (the evil double of Superman), Owlman (Batman), Superwoman (Wonder Woman), and the remainder of the Crime Syndicate.

These evil, mirror variations of the Justice League turned distinguished once more throughout the New 52 period in DC Comics and continued to be among the many Justice League’s most iconic villains. While it was hardly the primary “evil double” story to be achieved in superhero comics, it was the first-time readers obtained to see villainous variations who shared comparable personalities with favourite heroes.

3/10 Jimmy Olsen Becomes The Superman-Batman Of Earth-X (June, 1969)

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen (Vol. 1) #93, Written By Bill Finger, And Penciled/Inked By Pete Costanza

Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s pal and Daily Planet coworker, discovered himself transported to an alternate dimension attributable to a lab accident attributable to Professor Potter. When Jimmy arrived on this unfamiliar new universe, he realized he had superpowers.

In the 1969 story, Jimmy first adopted the guise of Superman-Batman, unexpectedly arranging a mismatch of his two favourite heroes’ costumes. Later, the Clark Kent of Earth-X dubs Jimmy as Steel-Man. As it turned out, that Clark was the key chief a legal League and tried to steal Jimmy’s powers earlier than Professor Potter might deliver the younger photographer dwelling.

2/10 Crossing Universes Cured Supergirl Of Her Werewolf Dilemma (December, 1969)

Adventure Comics (Vol. 1) #387, Written By E. Nelson Bridwell, And Penciled/Inked By Mort Weisinger

An try and treatment Supergirl of her weak spot to Kryptonite went awry in Adventure Comics (Vol. 1) #387. The anti-Kryptonite serum developed by the good Dr. Sanford left Supergirl with a bushy, wolf-like face. While Sanford tried to reverse the results, an explosion throughout an area launch broke the barrier between universes.

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Supergirl met her counterpart from one other parallel Earth. There, everybody has bushy, wolf-like faces, and Dr. Sanford’s serum prompted that Supergirl to have a clean, hairless face. The two Dr. Sanfords swapped their respective antidotes, and every Supergirl returned to their typical appearances.

1/10 A Shazam Knock-Off Crossed Paths With Earth-One (June, 1974)

Superman (Vol. 1) #276, Written By Elliott S. Magin, Penciled By Curt Swan, And Inked By Bob Oksner

The authentic Captain Marvel, identified to right this moment’s readers as Shazam, was revealed by Fawcett Comics starting in 1940. By the time Superman (Vol. 1) #276 dropped in 1974, Marvel Comics owned and was utilizing the identify “Captain Marvel.” In order to have Superman encounter Captain Marvel, DC wanted to get inventive.

DC Comics created “Captain Thunder.” Young Billy Fawcett was mysteriously transported from his personal universe to DC’s Earth-One universe. He uttered his magic phrase “Thunder” and have become the mighty Captain Thunder. In his super-powered identification, Thunder tangled with the Man of Steel earlier than the 2 superheroes teamed as much as struggle a standard enemy.

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