Firewatch – Ol’ Shoshone Achievement Guide



    How to unlock Ol’ Shoshone and (probably) other bugged achievements.

    Guide to bugged achievements

    Fixing bugged achievements

    IMPORTANT: If you have already obtained Ol’ Shoshone’s tape and have not achieved success, this section is for you. If you don’t know how to locate the tape, skip to the next section.

    This method should work for any bad luck, but I’m going to focus on the Ol’ Shoshone for this guide. You should not lose your saved games. Well, here’s how I unlocked it:

    • Step 1: Try to achieve success (see next section).

    If you follow these steps and it doesn’t unlock, it’s bugged.

    • Step 2: Right-click FireWatch in your Steam library, then click “Properties…” > “Local Files” > “Browse…”
    • Step 3: Delete the folder “Firewatch_Data”.
    • Step 4: Again, right-click FireWatch in your library, then “Properties…” > “Local Files” > “Verify integrity of game files…” Then press play when it’s done.
    • Step 5: And that’s it! An achievement should pop up when you launch the game.

    First Shoshone

    Now, here’s what to do to unlock (or try to) Ol’ Shoshone! I recommend doing this before following the first part of the guide.

    First, start a new game in Freeroom (this will make it easier). You will also need to bring an axe. Go to the Thorofare trail from your tower, then go left like this:

    Look for a dead elk with a tracking collar, and once you see it all you have to do is clear some brush with your ax and you’re in! The tape will be next to the camping chair with a note on it. Grab the tape and hold E to save it, and an achievement should pop up.

    But it probably won’t, because it’s flawed. See above for fixing bugged achievements.

    Note: Forgot to say this earlier but you don’t need to listen to the tape, you just need to save it.



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