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    While you’ll want to use the best abilities in Fire Force Online, know all of them will help prepare you for any encounter. I ran into several abilities that left me open to attack simply because I didn’t know what they do. Having knowledge on all abilities and skills in Fire Force Online will help you know how to best counter other players. Let’s take a look at every ability in Fire Force Online.

    All Abilities and Skills in Fire Force Online

    Axe n’ Gun

    • Overheard Swing:
      • Powerful overhead swing, unblockable.
    • Momentous Slash:
      • The user dashes and spins with their weapon. unblockable.
    • Axe Shot:
      • Shoot with your axe. blockable.
    • Hack n’ Shoot:
      • The user sprints forward with their axe; if anyone is hit the user’s weapon is stuck into their neck until they are shot away, unblockable


    • Bunker Bash:
      • The user slams their shield into the floor.
    • Audacious Slam:
      • The user picks up their opponent and slams them into the floor.
    • Shield Toss:
      • The user throw their shield, returning back to them after a second.


    • Missile Launch:
      • The user leaps forward and smashes the ground. unblockable
    • Pillar Barrage:
      • The user jabs with their twice three times into an uppercut.
    • Charged Assault:
      • The user dashes in front of them, piercing anyone in their way.


    • Locked On:
      • If someone were to be sent airborne by gun combat or a gun move and this move is used, they are shot midair, unblockable.
    • Rapid Fire:
      • The user quickly shoots 3 times and ends it with a heavy punch, blockable.
    • Velocity Control:
      • The user redirects their bullets to their opponents.
    • Focused:
      • The user enters a more damage orientated state with all of their moves being heavily amplified.


    • Summon Friends:
      • The user summons their two sputters.
    • Send Flare:
      • The user sends one of their sputters forward, exploding anyone that is hit, guardbreaks.
    • Send Sputter:
      • The user launches a sputter into the air and slams their opponent, blockable.
    • Dynamic Duo:
      • The user dashes forward with their sputters.
    • Send Friends:
      • The user rides their sputters.

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    • Sickle Throw:
      • The user throws a chained sickle, pulling anyone who is hit, blockable.
    • Spinning Sickle:
      • The user unleashes a barrage of sickle attacks, blockable.
    • Air Sickle:
      • The user propels themselves upwards and slashes directly below them, blockable.
    • Rhythm Slash:
      • The user throws out their sickle sideways in front of them, exploding up to three times, guardbreaks.

    Liberation Fist

    • Exhaust Punch:
      • The user punches then releases a burst of flames.
    • Destructive Dash:
      • The user dashes towards their opponent, grabs them, and sends them flying, unblockable.
    • Exhaust Shot:
      • The user shoots a fireball from their palms.
    • Liberate Enemy:
      • The user grabs their enemy and slams them to the floor, then proceeding to stomp on them.


    • Iai-Calibur:
      • The user slices in front of them, unblockable.
    • Azure Rush:
      • The user rushes at their opponent, hitting them with a variety of slashes, blockable.
    • Ex-Caliver:
      • The user creates an enormous energy slash, decimating anybody in front of them and exploding it afterwards. Blockable until the explosion.
    • Violet Flash:
      • The user dashes at high speeds and cuts their opponent, blockable.
    • Plasma Cutter:
      • The user pierces in front of them, unblockable.


    • Explosive Palm:
      • The user creates an explosion, and as a result, creates 3 more, blockable for now.
    • Explosive Bash:
      • The user bashes their opponents head in, and explodes them away, goes through block.
    • Explosion Blast:
      • The user propels themselves forward or upward, blockable.
    • Infused Explosion:
      • The user throws sticky bombs, which explode and knock back, blockable
    • Explosive Activation:
      • The user’s hands become explosive, detonating their opponent every hit.

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    • Sakura Blizzard:
      • The user throws a whirlwind of flowers, blockable.
    • Scattered Blade:
      • The user chokes, brings up, then fires blades and slams their opponent into the floor with flowers, blockable.
    • Sakura Rush:
      • The user turns into petals and rushes at their opponent, ending the attack with a hard hit. Blockable until the end.
    • Twin Blossom:
      • The user hits their opponent two times with their hands infused with petals.
    • Sakura Tree:
      • The user creates a tree, and whoever is near the tree is bound by chains, goes through block.


    • Call Lightning:
      • The user sends down lightning from the heavens, blockable.
    • Lightning Barrage:
      • The user brings forth lightning from the skies.
    • Thunder Grab:
      • The user grabs their opponent and electrocutes them, goes through block.
    • Lightning Rod:
      • The user grabs their opponent with lightning and slams them, blockable.
    • Electro Orbs:
      • The user summons balls of electricity that the opponent the user attacks.

    Grand Hands

    • Grand Slam:
      • The user summons one skeletal arm and punches their opponent, blockable.
    • Grand Clap:
      • The user aggressively claps with two skeletal arms, block breaker.
    • Grand Tantrum
      • The user repeatedly slams two skeletal fists on the ground.
    • Grand Pressure:
      • The user hits their opponent with a grand hand and slams them downwards.
    • Grand Grab:
      • The user grabs an opponent and slams them into the ground.

    • Outburst:
      • The user flies towards the enemy and grabs them choking them before letting them go, blockable.
    • Devilish Drop:
      • The user propels themselves into the air and slams down with a great amount of force. block breaker.
    • Breakdance:
      • The user bursts into a break dance, kicking anyone with a blazing finisher.
    • Heat Burst:
      • The user releases a great amount of flames from their feet while drop kicking.
    • Devil Spin:
      • The user spin kicks their opponent, escaping combos if in one.

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