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    If you plan on playing Fire Force Online, you’ll need to learn all about the Generations system, which governs the abilities you can use in the game. 

    Fire Force Online is a popular Roblox role-playing game inspired by the Fire Force anime and manga series, where you can fight monsters and complete quests to level up and gain more power. For a breakdown of the abilities in the game, check out our explainer of the Fire Force Online Generations system.

    What are Generations in Fire Force Online?

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    When first starting Fire Force Online and loading in, you will be rolled into a random Generation, all of which represent a different level of familiarity and control over the ignition of the human body.

    These Generations determine the abilities you can use in the game as you level up, so it’s important to understand what each Generation allows you to do. Read on for a list of all the abilities available to them.

    Fire Force Online Generation 1 abilities

    • Overhand Swing – Perform an unblockable Overhand Swing
    • Momentous Slash – Dash and spin with your weapon
    • Axe Shot – Shoot with your axe
    • Hack ‘n’ Shoot – Sprint forward with your axe and stick it into an enemies’ neck until they are shot away
    • Bunker Bash – Slam your shield onto the floor
    • Audacious Slam – Pick up your opponent and slam them onto the floor
    • Shield Toss – Throw your shield in an arc that returns back to you
    • Missile Launch – Leap forward and smash the ground
    • Pillar Barrage – Jab three times with your fists before landing an uppercut
    • Charged Assault – Dash forward and pierce anyone in the way

    Fire Force Online Generation 2 abilities

    • Locked On – If someone is sent airborne in combat, shoot them midair
    • Rapid Fire – Shoot three times and end with a heavy punch
    • Velocity Control – Redirect bullets to an enemy
    • Focused – Enter a focused state where your moves deal extra damage
    • Summon Friends – Summon two sputters
    • Send Flare – Send a sputter forward to explode
    • Send Sputter – Launch a sputter into the air to slam an opponent
    • Dynamic Duo – Dash forward with a sputter
    • Send Friends – Ride your sputter
    • Sickle Throw – Throw a chain sickle and pull the enemy in
    • Spinning Sickle – Unleashed a barrage of sickle attacks
    • Air Sickle – Propel forward and into the air, and slash directly below
    • Rhythm Slash – Throw your sickle out in arc, exploding up to three times
    • Exhaust Punch – Punch three times then burst an enemy into flames
    • Destructive Dash – Dash forward, grab an enemy, and send them flying
    • Exhaust Shot – Shoot a fireball from your palms
    • Liberate Enemy – Grab an enemy, slam them into the floor, then stomp on them

    Fire Force Online Generation 3 abilities

    • Lai-Calibur – Slice in front of yourself
    • Azure Rush – Rush at an enemy, hitting them with multiple slashes
    • Ex-Caliver – Create an energy slash and explode anything hit
    • Violet Flash – Dash at a high speed then cut your opponent
    • Plasma Cutter – Pierce enemies in front of you
    • Explosive Palm – Create an explosion along with three smaller explosions
    • Explosive Bash – Bash your opponent in the head and explode them afterward
    • Explosive Blast – Propel yourself forward from a blast
    • Explosive Blast (air variant) – Propel yourself upward from a blast
    • Infused Explosion – Throw a sticky bomb which knocks back enemies
    • Explosive Activation – Your hands become explosive and detonate with every hit
    • Sakura Blizzard – Throw a whirlwind of flowers
    • Scattered Blade – Harness fire on your blade then slam an opponent into the floor
    • Sakura Rush – Turn into petal and rush forward, attacking with a slash
    • Twin Blossom – Hit your enemy two times with infused hands
    • Sakura Tree – Create a tree and bound a nearby enemy to it
    • Call Lightning – Send down lightning from the heavens
    • Lightning Barrage – Send them barrages of lightning from the heavens
    • Thunder Grab – Grab and electrocute an opponent
    • Lightning Rod – Grab an enemy with lightning then slam them
    • Electro Orbs – Summon a ball of electricity
    • Grand Slam – Summon a skeletal arm to punch an enemy
    • Grand Clap – Summon two skeletal arms to clap an enemy
    • Grand Pressure – Summon a skeletal arm to slam an enemy downward
    • Grand Grab – Summon a skeletal arm to grab an enemy
    • Outburst – Fly toward an enemy and choke them
    • Devilish Drop – Propel yourself into the air and slam down with great force
    • Breakdance – Burst into breakdance and kick anyone nearby
    • Heat Burst – Unleash a great of flames from a drop kick
    • Devil Spin – Spin kick your opponent

    That’s our coverage of the Fire Force Online Generations, and now you know what the abilities are for each one.

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