Final Fantasy XIV servers will prioritize paid players in Dawntrail to avoid Endwalker queues


    Square Enix is ​​preparing players for potentially long server queues ahead of Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming Drawntrail expansion. Despite improvements to their servers, the developer expects queues due to a growing player base, to the point that they will prioritize paid players over those using a free trial.

    in a detailed blog postSquare Enix took the time to explain the ins and outs of server queues, pleading with players who join a long queue to be patient and not leave them at risk of being placed at the back of the queue when they try to rejoin. A server.

    The most curious thing, however, is the following paragraph:

    When there is a login queue, players of the full version of the game will have priority to log in. Free trial characters will be able to log in after the login queue has been cleared. This allows us to prioritize our paying customers and will mean longer wait times for free trial users, but we would like to ask for your understanding on this matter.

    Square Enix, Blog postJune 18, 2024

    Yes, you read that right: players who have paid for the full version of the game will receive priority treatment in server queues, while those on the free trial of the game will not. However, players who have paid for the full game should note that this does not mean they can skip the queue completely, as there may well be queues of paying customers as well.

    Prioritizing paid players is avoiding Endwalker queues

    Square Enix’s decision to prioritize paid players in upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Drawntrail queues is likely to ruffle some feathers. But it’s actually being done in response to the painfully long server queues the game experienced during its last expansion in 2021: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.

    With all the hype and anticipation surrounding a new expansion for the ever-popular MMORPG, hordes of new players flocked to the game and took advantage of its free trial offer. This caused server queues to be jammed for days and thousands of people unable to play at all. Square Enix now simply wants to ensure that players who have paid full price for the game can enjoy the expansion as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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