Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023 Hosts Glamoured to Life Cosplay Competition


    Glamor is one of the most intricate parts of Final Fantasy XIV, and now fans and gamers alike will have the chance to replicate that in real life thanks to the Glamoured to Life cosplay competition. Announced in the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitterand scheduled for the 2023 Fan Festival in Las Vegas, Glamoured to Life will see cosplayers show off their outfits styled after their favorite character, creature, or their own Warrior of Light.

    But even if you don’t think your cosplay-making skills are top-notch, you should definitely try coming to Fan Fest in costume. This is because all costumed attendees who register for the event will also receive an in-game item. We imagine that the Fan Fest will be absolutely packed with costumed people.

    There are some entry requirements that are listed on the official website, and we will summarize them here as well:

    • Cosplays must be “sensitive” and “not expose the body in a way that would be indecent or obscene exposure.”
    • Shoes are required at all times, even if the character is depicted barefoot.
    • Costumes and props must not obstruct or impede the flow of traffic or exhibit floor entrances.
    • No dangerous objects, such as sharp implements, metal accessories, heavy objects, and flammable materials.
    • Disguises that can obscure the wearers’ visions must have a designated “Handler” to help them maneuver through crowds.
    • Due to tight security at the event, please be prepared to remove items from your costume or accessories for further inspection if requested.
    • Bags and backpacks are subject to search prior to admission.

    In general, these seem like pretty standard guidelines, but something to pay attention to. review the full guidelines for more information!

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    Art and video contests Fan Fest

    But even if you are not a cosplayer, you can still take part in one of the competitions at Fan Fest. Square Enix too Announced the Art Contest and the Video Contest.

    You don’t have to attend the Fan Festival for this contest, making it the perfect opportunity to be a part of the fun, even if you can’t make it to the event. Full competition details are available on the official FFXIV Fan Fest website.

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