FIFA fans angry at EA FC 24 clubs relegation removal



    EA Sports FC is finally giving some well-needed love to Clubs, activating crossplay and building on the foundations of the game mode that brings together masses of football fanatics.

    One of the best parts about Clubs in previous games is the realism and will to win between all players in the lobby, with bragging rights heightened by the prospect of promotion and relegation.

    But this year, the pressure is off. If you can handle a bit of friendly fire in your squad’s communication lobby, there really is nothing to stop you from tanking games for pleasure.

    EA Sports FC removed relegation from Clubs mode

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    This year, Clubs has removed the possibility of being relegated, meaning that you can only ever be promoted, diluting the quality of the divisions over time.

    While this might be a good feature for those teams who are stuck yo-yo’ing between divisions in a Norwich-esque fashion, most players have voiced a grievance that removing relegation lessens the stakes and makes for a worse experience.

    What’s the point?? Relegation/promotion is what makes pro clubs fun,” said one fan. Of course, you can’t just stay in Division One forever, and EA Sports FC will demote players by one division at the end of every season (every six weeks), akin to how they reset players’ progress in Ultimate Team.

    New Clubs details released for EA Sports FC

    Crossplay is finally coming to Clubs, as one of the most highly-anticipated features ever in FIFA/EA Sports FC. Alongside that, Clubs is also being opened up to Switch too.

    Another great feature – which may help in your conquest to get promoted (albeit not to save you from relegation) – is that you now cannot draw a game. Instead, your games will go to penalties until a winner has been decided. 

    Other features, such as Fan Ratings, Vanity, and Playstyles will also be introduced. As long as you’re not the player missing the crucial penalty, Clubs appears to be back and better than ever, and given that you can’t get relegated, the only way, physically, is up.



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