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FIFA 23 is one of the biggest sports games in the market and now it has released its latest game. From now on there will be no FIFA, but EA will release a football game like EA Sports FC. With this new release from EA, they have brought some new features for the players to try.. They have released Moments Mode for FIFA Ultimate Team, and they have also released a new option for Manager Mode.

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In previous years you started with just the Manager career mode, then you had the option to do a Pro Player career where you controlled the player. Now they have introduced a mode where you can create your own football club and control it in career mode.. If you are interested in the different modes and their features, please read below.


administrator mode

For Manager Mode, this mode has been around for a while and hasn’t changed much over the years. However, for this iteration of FIFA, they have made a few changes to help make the mode feel more realistic. This mode gives you the chance to become the manager of a current team of your can choose to create your own admin character or choose a current admin to control.

as a manager, you will have control over the squad and who plays or not, you will also be in charge of the players that come and go with transfers. With manager mode, you’re also in charge of keeping players happy, making sure morale is up and contracts are settled. If you fail to keep players happy, then they can submit transfer requests and be sold, so make sure you keep everyone you care about happy.

player mode

In Player Mode, you don’t have any of the hassles of managing an entire team. For this, you can create your player, or choose an existing one and then try to become a pro player. You can choose any position, including goalkeeper, and you can develop your player’s attributes. You will have to perform and meet the objectives defined by your manager to have the best chance of reaching the starting eleven.

For this mode, you can choose to control the whole team, or you can control only your player. If you want a more immersive feel then playing solo as your player is best, also you will only play the parts of the games where your player is on the field. So if your player is benched or offside, you can skip those parts to just play the game.. Initially, you may find that you are not on the team, so you can do a quick simulation of these matches. Once you’ve played through player mode and taken your player to the top of world football, you can choose to retire and move straight into managing your player.

Create your team

This mode is a new mode added for this year in Manager modegives you the option to create a completely new team. Instead of choosing a team to manage, you can create a team and name it whatever you want. (Inside Reason) and also create the emblem and uniform for the team. Then you choose a league you would like to play in and how good you want the team to be, then you have to choose a team to replace in the chosen league so make sure you don’t pick a team you like as they will go away. You can then play the mode as you would in Manager mode, but lead your own team to the top.

Breakdown of new features in career modes

In all Career modes in FIFA 23 they have introduced some new features to give players a more realistic feel when playing the game. There are some quality of life changes, but also some cool changes that help make the game feel more realistic. It’s always been a big thing for EA each year to try to make the game feel better and more immersive to you, and with this year’s FIFA that’s no different. Although there are no big differences every year, they try to listen to their players and make updates every year to get it right. As a video game, it will never be perfect or completely realistic, as different barriers prevent it, but they get closer with each release of FIFA. The main changes to career modes are listed below:

  • Playable Highlights, this allows you to play only the parts of a game that would influence gameplay. This has been implemented to bridge the gap between playing the full 90 minutes and using Quick Sim.
  • The usual cleanup of the main menu has been done, making it easier to locate things from player contracts to youth team stars.
  • New cutscenes called Dynamic Moments have been added. So if you sign a new player or sell a player, there will be a movie of them coming to training camp, meeting you and other players, and completing the medical.
  • They have made some changes in the pre-season tournament, so you have eight teams playing three games each. Only the winner of all takes the prize money, and the matches are closer to the start of the season.
  • In Manager mode, you normally create your Manager, but now you can take control of current managers like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. You can choose to stay with your current time or take over a different one.
  • Transfer analysis has been added to help you improve your trading skills.. Once you have sold or bought a player, your transfer will be assessed overall, based on whether it was the best possible price and affordable for your club.
  • For the Player Mode they have added a new Personality System. This allows you to develop your player’s personality depending on what you choose. Anything you do on the field can have an impact, as well as things off the field. All of this becomes a personality for your player that gives you certain benefits. Maverick, Virtuoso, and Heartbeat are the three personalities to choose from and each comes with their own benefits. Maverick is someone who is more of an individual player who is rewarded for taking on players and shooting more often. Virtuoso is the most skilled player testing more skills and taking players you are rewarded for in a match. Then Heartbeat is the general team player who does everything for the team, so you will be more rewarded for passing and helping out in the game.
  • Finally, AI Tactics have been improved. This means that the AI ​​adapts more to the game scenarios, so if you lead a game, the AI ​​team will make more attack changes and a more offensive formation. On the contrary, if they are winning, they can sit deep and absorb his attacks.

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