Fheroes2: a ambitious fan project that refreshes the classic strategy Heroes of the Magic II, was released now



    This past few days have been good times for fan-made remasters of old blockbusters. The remaster of The Dark Forces’s Star Wars has recently been released, and now the project Feroes2refreshing the classic turn-based strategy Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars will receive version 1.0.

    This is an open-source program with a new engine, considerably improved for Heroes of Magic 2. It needs to work with the game files, but it could be able to download the HoMM2 demo through it to test the progress of the mod.

    New engine’s many advantages. First of all, it’s usability with modern machines, and operating systems and a high definition playstation. Fheroes2 also features vastly improved AI and fixes several hundred technical bugs and many bugs left by the original developer.

    This project also introduces many new features, such as automatic battles, useful for not trying to waste time in skirmishes where you don’t want to lose. This time of the war can be repeated without the help of your own team. The mod greatly improved the controls and the interface.

    In general, it’s the best way to play the heroes of my powers and magic II: The Succession Wars on the modern PC.



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