FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove Rewards and Details: The Hunt for Lies


    With a few weeks to go until the patch is released, everyone has removed the current content, so it’s time for a FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove. This time, the Warriors of Light from Final Fantasy XIV will be working in search of Irregular Tomestones of Mendacity. Here’s everything you need to know about FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove: The Hunt for Mendacity

    Details of Final Fantasy XIV Moogle Treasure Trove: The Hunt for Mendacity

    Running from Monday, April 24 at 1:00am PT until the release of patch 6.4, Moogle Treasure Trove: The Hunt for Mendacity is a returning grinding event that will allow players to earn Moogle Tomestones for completing tasks. basic in FFXIV. There are rewards and bonuses available for players who complete these tasks, and you can earn cool mounts, minions, and other items for participating.

    All duties that reward Tomestones of Mendacity and its value

    Below we have detailed all the duties that reward Tomestones of Mendacity and the value they grant. Remember, all duties must be run with a full party to get rewards, but they can get out of sync or run with limited jobs like Blue Mage.

    service name Awarded Tomestones
    – The Tower in the Pradigm Breach
    – The Praetorium
    – The Puppet Bunker 6
    – The Copy Factory 5
    – Hidden Throat (PvP)
    – Onsal Hakair (PvP)
    – The Fields of Glory (PvP)
    – Seal Rock (PVP)
    The Ruins of the Borderlands (PvP)
    – Helmetbreaker Island
    – The deep cave of Tam-Tara (hard)
    – Meridian castrum
    – The Decumana Gate
    – Dzemael Darkhold
    – Cutter’s Cry
    – The Sunken Temple of Qarn
    – All Alexander raids
    – The cloud deck
    – Marine Castrum
    – Ash Drift

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    All rewards from Moogle Treasure Trove: The Hunt for Mendacity

    We have also listed all the rewards and their cost in Tomestones of Mendacity below.

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    The best way to farm Tomestones of Mendacity

    Here are some tips for farming Tomestones of Mendacity:

    • While opting to grind through Story Missions and Nier Raids seems like the obvious choice, it might not be the best use of your time.
    • Instead, we recommend using PvP. PvP is quick, fast and rewards a lot of Tomestones.
    • Alternatively, dungeon runs can be sped up with dedicated groups of Blue Mages. This is a common technique, especially if you have a few friends to party with.
    • Combine the routine with your journals to double your rewards!

    In general, this is a marathon, not a sprint. We recommend keeping track of the items you’re looking for and finding a specific amount of Tomestones you need. That way, you can slowly crumble it up! You probably have about three or four weeks to do this!

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