Farm Frenzy Refreshed Achievements

Farm Frenzy Refreshed Achievements

Solutions for achievements ‘Without Clicking on any Products!’ and ‘Without Catching any Bears!’.

Achievement – ‘Without Clicking on any Products!’

You need to buy a cat to pick up all the items without you clicking any of the items. I’ll suggest it’s better to do it after you obtained the three stars for the level. Cats tend to miss some of the items and don’t fully depend on them if you want to get more than two stars for the level. Play any of the levels or probably one level (the easiest is Level 6) for 15 times. Here are the levels that you can buy a cat to do the task for you.

  • Level 6
  • Level 51
  • Level 71
  • Level 106

Achievement – Without Catching any Bears!

Maybe you can unlock the three achievements with other levels but I find Level 3 is the easiest and I just need to play this level for 15 times to unlock them.

  • Build the bakery.
  • Buy another duck.
  • Collect the eggs.
  • Bake one flatbread.
  • Trap the bear with the cage without putting it into the warehouse. If the bear is still moving while in the cage, just click one more time to stop the bear from moving near to the ducks.
  • Finish the level until you have collected six eggs.

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