Fans think Donald Trump’s mugshot looks like a GTA character


    Excitement for a new GTA game has truly reached a fever pitch, and in many ways, it’s pretty hard to blame players.

    Since the original GTA VI leak didn’t look like much but revealed an unbelievable wealth of details, the fanbase began to salivate and has barely stopped. The game is set to be one of the most-anticipated and most hyped games of all time, and there’s no denying that we’re swept up in it too. GTA has always been a reliable franchise, and more of it can never go amiss.

    But, just as art reflects the world, the world can imitate it back – and it’s done just that with what may be the most important image captured in American history.

    Fans compare Trump’s mugshot to a GTA III character screen

    Former US President Donald Trump, in his arrests, has finally had his mugshot taken, the first ever mugshot taken of a former President. It’s a pretty huge deal, and it’s wild to imagine that it was taken on a camera that was shovelled into the back of a closet in a random county sheriff’s office – but the internet is already taking and running with it.

    This goes for the GTA community too, who have shared it to Reddit, comparing it to the series.

    Y’all seen this new character option?” reads the post that introduces the image to the subreddit. It’s a pretty fair point, as it does look pretty similar to many other GTA characters and shots. We could see him portraying a shady mission-dealer in the back of a strip club.

    Fans compare Trump’s mugshot to Donald Love

    Click to enlarge

    Rockstar Games

    Users in the subreddit have rallied around the image to claim that it looks somewhat akin to the visage of Donald Love, a character in GTA III who turns out to be a cannibal.

    Donald Love has seen better days,” reads one of the comments.

    I don’t even like the guy, but I wish they’d give us this terrible hair option in the game“, says another user, scalding the former President.

    The image does look like something out of GTA to be fair to fans – though we probably can’t expect him to touch down in GTA VI. Though that kind of controversy is Rockstar Games’ bread and butter.


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