Fans question the strange montage animation in Blue Protocol; it turns out that the mount is not what it seems


    Bandai Namco released a new trailer for Blue Protocol, where the characters could be seen riding strange wolf-like mounts. However, fans immediately noticed something strange. The mounts seemed to have a rather strange element to their animation, moving in a stiff and unnatural way.

    In discussion among fans, it was pointed out that the mounts featured in the trailer are not wolves at all. The main reason the animation looked weird was that it was supposed to be a wolf-like creature. When in reality, it was a completely different way of being, which doesn’t exist in our world. The mount in question is a non-existent unicorn goat, and therefore we cannot surmise how it would move.

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    Fans claimed that they didn’t care about the nature of the creature because the movement animation still looked silly and poorly done. Whether it’s a bear-pig hybrid or a unicorn goat, something just felt off about the way it’s animated.

    It remains to be seen if the developers will listen to the fans and polish the animation. Since the game is still in closed beta, a lot of what we got to see in the trailer is still subject to change.

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