Fans are trying to decipher the Tomb Raider website update



    A change to the Tomb Raider website has fans excited as a new game announcement could be on the horizon.

    With it having been five years since the release of the last main Tomb Raider game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, fans of the franchise are eager for a new game release.

    The Tomb Raider Website has been updated

    As initially spotted by Twitter user thetreeble, the Tomb Raider website has been updated to allow people to sign up to receive a newsletter that will keep them up to date on the latest breaking news, including information about new releases.

    The form asks people to choose a username, as well as provide information such as their date of birth and email address.

    Above the form is a phrase encouraging visitors to the site to ‘Become a Tomb Raider’, which says: “Are you ready to become a Tomb Raider? Sign-up to be the first to hear breaking news regarding the Tomb Raider franchise — including rewards, exclusives, merch, releases, and more!”

    Fans are invited to ‘Become a Tomb Raider’

    The website’s invitation to ‘Become a Tomb Raider’ has led to several different theories regarding what this could mean for the future of the franchise.

    Twitter user nicolasfrcts suggested that the need to choose a display name could mean that an online forum or hub was coming that would allow users to interact with one another.

    Other fans have looked back to rumours that circulated last year which suggested that the next game would see Lara join forces with a team of other Raiders. These leaks have led some people to read more into the idea of ‘becoming a tomb raider’ and many think this could be a hint towards the franchise’s next installment.

    Many fans on social media have taken the phrase at face value, taking it to simply refer to registering yourself as a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise.

    One user said: “We are the tomb Raiders. You become the Tomb Raider by signing up. This doesn’t have anything to do with the game.”

    Whether the website sees the announcement of a new game soon, a new way to interact with the community or just provides a platform to learn more about the Tomb Raider world, it can only be a sign of good things ahead for Tomb Raider fans.



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