Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

This guide will cover available companions, snowglobe locations and the most useful console commands.


Welcome to this guide for Fallout: New Vegas, which is basically just the same stuff you’ve seen in other guides but rewritten because… Why not?

Available companions & where too find.

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

The first companion you may come across in your travels in the Mojave Wasteland is ED-E, which you’ll find in the couriers office in a small settlement named Primm. Fix him, and he’ll accompany you on your travels. Or you could just leave him to rot in the couriers office.

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

The second companion you may come across is Cass. Or, if you want to be technical, Rose of Sharon Cassidy. You can find her in the Mojave Outpost, south of Primm. However, you gotta do a quest-line for the Crimson Caravan Company and attempt to buy out her caravan first. Then, she’ll accompany you, or spend her remaining days drinking to death.

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

Continue travelling along until you arrive at Novac. The Night-time Sniper Boone (Craig Boone if you wanna be technical) can be your companion too, if you can complete his quest searching for the person who sold his wife to slavers whilst also having a decent reputation with the NCR that is. Yeah no sweat there Boone.

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

Depending on how you traverse the map, you may come across Raul and Black Mountain before Veronica and the 188 Trading Post.
In any case, too have Raul as a companion, you just have to… Fight a mountain of angry, dumb, Super Mutants and Nightkin and avoid a few traps. Not too hard for an old ghoul ey?

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

Veronica can be found at the 188 Trading Post, pretty easy to come across if you travel along the old highways. To gain Veronica as a companion you have to answer positively to her question about the Brotherhood Of Steel. You’d think gaining a member of the Brotherhood Of Steel as a companion would be a little bit harder but obviously they have low standards.

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

Arcade Gannon is a member of our Followers of the Apocalypse. Because screw it, when the world falls to nuclear fire, why not follow it? (Yes that was a joke, laugh at it). You can find him in Near Freeside, in the Old Mormon Fort which has become Followers HQ. To gain him as a companion, the main thing you have to do, is avoid being aligned with our one true messiah, the almighty Caesar. Secondary is slightly optional and that’s be smart.

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

Also in Freeside, literally just up the road from the Old Mormon Fort, is the Kings. A friendly freeside gang with a boss who acts suspiciously a lot like Elvis. Now, this Post Nuclear Elvis knock-off also has a pet Cyber-Dog named Rex, who requires a brain transplant. Sounds fancy, and that’s because it is. Do the quest-line, save the dog and you get too keep the dog for yourself for a while.

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

Lily is the companion which is farthest out. Both in place, and in mind with her Schizophrenia. Lily resides in Jacobstown, where she will be helping Doctor Henry with experiments. Complete the quest line and the experiments to have Lily as a companion.

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

You can gather all these companions into one place to make it easier to pick and choose who you want as a companion. Just send them all… To the Lucky 38.

Original Game Snowglobe Locations

Unlike with other Fallout games where you’ll hunt for bobble-heads, in Fallout: New Vegas you’ll be on the hunt for something different. Snowglobes!

On top of the back-left grave in Goodsprings Cemetery (near the water tower), at the base of the grave marker. The grave is the only one in the area with rubble on top; the snow globe can be found amongst it.

Hoover Dam:
In the Hoover Dam visitor center, sitting on the welcome desk.

Mormon Fort:
In the Old Mormon Fort. As soon as you enter the fort, turn right, go all the way to the corner, and enter the door to the tower. The snow globe is located upstairs on a shelf.

Mt. Charleston:
In Jacobstown Lodge. The snow globe is sitting on the reception desk.

Nellis AFB:
Nellis Air Force Base, Nellis Boomer Museum. The snow globe is located on the table to the right, immediately after entering the building.

Test Site:
In the cocktail lounge of the Lucky 38 Casino. The snow globe is on the counter “behind” the middle cash register with a green lamp next to it (you must first speak with Mr. House to gain access to this area).

The Strip:
In the Vault 21 Hotel, on the nightstand in Sarah’s average-locked room in the northeast corner of Vault 21, next to the buyable room. You can pickpocket Sarah for the keys if necessary.

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

DLC Snowglobe Locations

Sierra Madre Casino: (Dead Money Expansion)
Located near Dean’s Secret Stash in the upper levels of Salida del Sol North. From the southern-most entrance to Salida del Sol South (inside a house in Salida del Sol North), proceed down the stairway and out to the street, then look behind you for the entrance hole in the wall above. This area can be reached by going up the stairs located around the corner to the southeast and following the rooftops back towards the hole.

Zion National Park: (Honest Hearts Expansion)
Found in the general store in the northwestern part of Zion, on the bottom shelf of a broken cabinet behind the counter.

Big MT: (Old World Blues Expansion)
Found in the X-17 Meteorological Station, in the room on the catwalk next to the model houses.

Lonesome Road: (Lonesome Road Expansion)
Found at the Junction 7 Rest Stop just past the High Road. When leaving the High Road, take a right, the shop is at the bottom of the hill. The snow globe is upstairs, inside a fallen bookshelf.

Most Useful Console Commands

For those who don’t know, Console Commands is something that Bethesda incorporates into most Single-player games on PC, and like most Fallout games, you can open it and use it to get some great in-game abilities like god-mode, becoming rich instantly, or pulling things out of thin-air. These aren’t mods, and won’t get you a game or VAC ban because it isn’t a multi-player game, so you’re only really cheating yourself. Console commands are just around for fun after completing the main game.
If you’re an achievement hunter, Console Commands stop all achievement gains for that session, but can be gained again after restarting the game.

So without any further delay, lets begin. To get into the Console Commands press the left quote key which is next to the number one button. Looks like this `.

Now, there are many commands around, but these are the one’s I find useful.
TGM (Total God Mode) Infinite ammo, Infinite HP, Unlimited Carry Weight.
TCL (Toggle Collisions) Best for when you get stuck in awkward places.
TMM 1 (Toggle Map Markers) This shows all map markers, TMM 0 to reverse your decision.
Kill Choose a specific target and kill them. Simply click and press Enter, voila, effortless killing.
Resurrect Opposite to Kill, choose a specific target and bring them back to life. (Talk about playing God).
Killall No need to choose a target. Killall is what it means. Kills everything in the area.
Movetoqt Teleports you to your current active quest marker.
Caqs Complete all quests. Basically allows you to free roam the wasteland with no obligations. (May crash the game).

Now for the more complex commands. These are Item Commands, things like bobby pins, bottle caps, and some very good guns. These require the following to be typed out on every occasion Player.additem.
The rest, is different each time.
0000000A – Bobby Pins
0000000F – Bottle Caps
000e2c86 – Lucky Revolver
00127c6c – Mysterious Magnum
0008f21c – Anti-Material Rifle
0008f218 – Silenced .22 SMG
001735e3 – Sturdy Caravan Shotgun
0000433f – Minigun
00004322 – Alien Blaster
0014eb3c – Euclid’s C-Finder
00103b1d – Pew Pew Laser Rifle
0000432d – Flamer
000906cf – Plasma Caster
000e2bec – Tesla Cannon
0000432c – Fatman
0015FD5C – Chinese Stealth Armour
00126500 – Combat Armour, Reinforced
00129254 – NCR Ranger Combat Armour
00075201 – Brotherhood T-45B Power Armour


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Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobe Locations And Console Commands

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