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    Appalachia has a lot of land to explore and mountains to climb, which makes it a little bit difficult sometimes to track down certain creatures or resources. I still manage to get lost every once in a while, but that’s okay; you don’t need to have everything memorized because we have all the information for you! Whether you’re tracking down Deathclaw locations or simply looking for a specific resource, we can help you find them. Keep reading below for all the details on where to find Radrats and what they can give you.

    Where to find Radrats in Fallout 76

    Radrats are smaller creatures that you may run into in dark, damp areas. Although, they are much larger in size than your normal rat due to their mutation and have lost all their fur due to the radiation as well. They appear like molerats but more gray in color and much more aggressive, using sharp claws and teeth to fight back when provoked. They aren’t too deadly by themselves, but they often attack in packs of six or more, making them a decent foe.

    You can find Radrat spawn locations in a few different areas on the map, particularly in the bunkers along the Cranberry Bog side of the map. They are more commonly found in basements or underground areas. You can find a few in the locations marked on the map and as listed below:

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    • Free States Bunkers
    • Van Lowe Taxidermy Basement (Lewisburg)
    • Garage near Sutton Station

    If you have trouble finding them in these locations, you can always try to server hop to see if new ones spawn in, or you can also occasionally find them during the Eyebot Pied Piper random event.

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    What are Radrats used for in Fallout 76?

    Radrats don’t usually have very useful drops and are probably more commonly used for food resources due to their meat. However, certain mutations of the Radrat, such as Glowing Plaqued Radrats, can have more valuable radiation-type drops. If you plan on using the meat for food, be sure to cook it first to avoid receiving rads. Here are some of the drops they can potentially have:

    • Radrat Meat
    • Glowing Blood
    • Glowing Meat
    • Nuclear Waste

    These are some areas you can find Radrats, whether you’re looking to fight some for a challenge or looking to stock up on some meat. Always be sure to wear proper protective gear and carry disease cures at the ready to avoid getting rads or diseases that they can spread.

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