Having a build matching your playstyle and weapons used can be very hard for new players. This Fallout 76 Full Character And Weapon Build Guide will show you the best possible build for each weapon.

How to Build

The best defense is having a good offense. This principle applies to builds in many games, and is especially important in Fallout 76, due to ammo consumption and equipment degradation.

With higher damage, you’ll need fewer attacks to defeat an enemy, which results in less ammo consumption, and less weapon condition loss. You’ll also take fewer attacks from an enemy during its shorter lifetime, which results in less stimpak usage, and less armor condition loss. (Conversely, with lower damage, you’ll not only consume more resources, you’ll also be less effective at farming to replenish what you consume!)

The build templates in this guide optimize for both offense and defense, and contain only the most important perks for a strong foundation, while leaving unused perk points free for customizing into your own build.

How to Build: Essentials

Essentials[nukesdragons.com](non–weapon-specific perks which benefit all builds)How to Build: Melee

  • Twohanded[nukesdragons.com]
  • Two-handed with shotgun[nukesdragons.com]
  • Two-handed with rifle[nukesdragons.com]
  • For One-Handed, replace Slugger perks with Gladiator perks
  • For Punching/Unarmed, replace Slugger perks with Iron Fist perk, and add Talons mutation

How to Build: Shotgun

  • Shotgun with VATS[nukesdragons.com]

How to Build: Heavy Gun

  • Heavy gun[nukesdragons.com]

How to Build: Bow

  • Please see “How to Build: Rifle”

How to Build: Rifle

  • Rifle[nukesdragons.com]
  • Rifle with Sneak[nukesdragons.com]
  • Rifle with VATS[nukesdragons.com]
  • Rifle with VATS and Sneak[nukesdragons.com]
  • For Automatic Rifle, replace Rifleman perks with Commando perks
  • For Bow, replace Rifleman perks with Archer perks, and replace Tank Killer perk with Bow Before Me perk

How to Build: Pistol

  • Pistol with VATS[nukesdragons.com]
  • For Automatic Pistol, replace Gunslinger perks with Guerilla perks

How to Choose Regular Armor vs. Power Armor

  • Use regular armor if:
    • You use sneak
    • You use VATS
    • You use a punching/unarmed weapon
    • You use a bow
  • Use power armor if:
    • You use a heavy gun
  • Power armor has hidden +7% damage reduction and +15% radiation reduction, per piece (total 42% damage reduction and 90% radiation reduction, which are applied before DR/ER and RR)
  • Regular armor needs at least 4 pieces with “Sentinel’s” 3rd-star legendary effect (75% chance to reduce damage by 15% while standing still) to compete with power armor’s hidden damage reduction, but will never compete with power armor’s hidden radiation reduction.

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