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    One of my favorite parts about Fallout 76 is the inclusion of the many Cryptid creatures around Appalachia, such as Mothman, Snallygaster, and the Blue Devil. These creatures are mighty enemies that can hold some pretty great loot; however, they are much more difficult to find than even finding Wendigos. Thankfully, we have all the information you’ll need to properly track down a Blue Devil for yourself and what potential loot they may drop. Keep reading below for all the details!

    Where to find a Blue Devil in Fallout 76

    The Blue Devil is one of the Appalachia cryptids in Fallout 76, which means it is one of the rare creatures you can find. This makes it very difficult to track one down and often only happens ‘once in a blue moon’ by a random chance encounter. When you come across one, you’ll definitely want to take the chance to defeat them, but take caution. They are deadly, werewolf-like creatures whose howls can spread Uncontrollable Fear to all players around them, and their claws and teeth can really pack a punch.

    There are a few different locations where the Blue Devils have been spotted. However, they usually only spawn during random encounters, so these locations could differ. The best way to guarantee you find one is to head to the Middle Mountain Pitstop for the quest. Here are some spots you can check out, as marked on the map and listed below:

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    • Hemlock Holes
    • Welsh Station
    • Middle Mountain Cabins (Pitstop)
    • Random Encounter Regions:
      • Toxic Valley
      • Ash Heap
      • Cranberry Bog
      • Savage Divide

    Since finding a Blue Devil during a random encounter can be spread over larger regions, it makes it a lot more difficult to come upon. I would suggest instead spawning one in by completing the Middle Mountain Pitstop Public Event, “Safe and Sound.”

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    How to Spawn a Blue Devil in Fallout 76

    The best way to guarantee an encounter with the Blue Devil is to complete the “Safe and Sound” Public Event, which was introduced with the “Once in a Blue Moon” update. You can get this quest by heading to the Middle Mountain Pitstop found at the Middle Mountain Cabins location on the map, as shown in the map above.

    Image via Fallout 76 Official Wiki

    Once there, head inside and speak to Vera Thornberg to begin the event. You’ll have multiple tasks to complete, but once you reach the third and final wave, a Legendary Blue Devil should spawn. The good thing about this being a Public Event is that other players can join in and help you take him down. Being a higher rarity creature, you can expect it to be a more difficult fight, but the loot is also guaranteed to be better.

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    Blue Devil Reward Drops in Fallout 76

    A Blue Devil, particularly one of higher rarity, can hold some pretty great loot, which is one of the best reasons to try and track one. However, the loot is not always the same every time, meaning there is no guarantee of what you will get when defeating it each time. Defeating a Legendary Blue Devil will give you a higher chance of receiving Legendary items. Take a look at some potential drops below:

    • Armor Plans (Marine, Shadowed, etc.)
    • Armor Pieces (Marine, Shadowed, etc.)
    • Weapons (Gatling Gun, Syringer, etc.)
    • Radaway
    • Stims
    • Waste Acid
    • Mongrel Dog Meat
    • Wolf Meat
    • Bone Shards
    • Ammo
    • Junk

    The drops are really randomized to any possibility, but you’re guaranteed something of value for fighting the Legendary one, which is why it’s a better idea, in general, to spawn one using the event. Completing the event also comes with its own rewards as well, including the potential to get the Blue Devil armor set, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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