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    We have tons of tips and tricks for players in Fallout 76, including where to find various creatures and resources around the map. Since Appalachia is a pretty expansive spot, I still find myself getting lost trying to navigate around, but don’t worry; we got you covered. In this guide, we have all the locations where you can find the pesky Bloatfly and what its potential drops are!

    Where to find Bloatfly in Fallout 76

    Bloatflies are basically overgrown flies that act similar to a horse fly or mosquito; however, their stingers are far more deadly, allowing them to incapacitate their targets. They have decent speed and range as an enemy and tend to attack as a group. They can also come in several variant mutations, from Scorched and Black to Venomous and Glowing.

    If you’re looking for some, there are various spawn locations you can find them around Appalachia. Take a look at our list and see them all marked on the map below:

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    • Northeast of Freddy Fear’s House of Scares
    • Bastion Park
    • Graninger Farm
    • Kanawha County Cemetery
    • Kiddie Corner Cabins
    • Southhampton Estate
    • Spruce Knob Campground
    • Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp
    • New River Gorge Resort

    There are also some other methods you can use to find Bloatflies as well if you’re having a hard time tracking them down at these locations. You can try the following:

    • Killing a target with the Bloatfly Larva Syringe Barrel weapon mod
    • Triggering the Scorchbeast Droppings Random Encounter
    • Joining the Project Paradise Public Event

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    What are Bloatflies used for in Fallout 76?

    There really aren’t too many particular uses for the Bloatfly other than killing them. However, they do have a few different potential drops that could be an item you are looking for. They also tend to be a good source of food to harvest, but I would suggest cooking it into a proper meal since, no matter the variant mutation, they usually hold a lot of rads. Here are their potential drops:

    • Bloatfly Gland
    • Bloatfly Meat
    • Caps
    • Glowing Meat

    These are all the locations and uses for a Bloatfly in Fallout 76. Whether you need to find them for a particular resource, for a challenge, or for your own personal goal, they can be found spread in several different areas. Plus, using the Bloatfly Syringe is a great way to spawn them no matter where you are.

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