Fallout 4 End All Radiant Quests


Don’t you love doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again?

I surely don’t. So here’s a script that finishes all radiant quests, forever.


Head to the Fallout 4 folder, where the .exe is located, and make a text file called “Radiant.txt”.

Paste the following content into it:


CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned01

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned02

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned03ChangeLocOnly

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned04_BOS

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned05

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned06ChangeLocOnly

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned07ChangeLocOnly

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned08

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned09ChangeLocOnly

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned10ChangeLocOnly

CompleteQuest MinRadiantOwned11

CompleteQuest MinRecruit01

CompleteQuest MinRecruit02

CompleteQuest MinRecruit04

CompleteQuest MinRecruit05

CompleteQuest MinRecruit06

CompleteQuest MinRecruit07

CompleteQuest MinRecruit08

CompleteQuest MinRecruit09

;Brotherhood Of Steel

CompleteQuest CompleteQuest BoSR01

CompleteQuest CompleteQuest BoSR02

CompleteQuest CompleteQuest BoSR03

CompleteQuest CompleteQuest BoSR04

CompleteQuest CompleteQuest BosR05


CompleteQuest RRR10

CompleteQuest RRR02a

CompleteQuest RRR11

CompleteQuest RRR03

CompleteQuest RRR09

CompleteQuest RRR07

CompleteQuest RRR05


CompleteQuest InstR03NEW

CompleteQuest InstR02

CompleteQuest InstR01

CompleteQuest InstR05

CompleteQuest InstR04


CompleteQuest DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault01

CompleteQuest DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault02

CompleteQuest DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault03_Min

CompleteQuest DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault03_Inst

CompleteQuest DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantAssault03_BOS

CompleteQuest DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantScene_01

CompleteQuest DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantScene_02

CompleteQuest DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantTravel_01

CompleteQuest DLC01MQPostQuestRadiantTravel_02

;Far Harbor

CompleteQuest DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned01

CompleteQuest DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned02

CompleteQuest DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned03

CompleteQuest DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned04

;Nuka World

CompleteQuest DLC04_RQ_DefendCache

CompleteQuest DLC04_RQ_KillRivalBoss

CompleteQuest DLC04_RQ_StealCache

CompleteQuest DLC04RaidWipeOut

CompleteQuest DLC04MQ04_RaiderOutpostTracker

CompleteQuest DLC04MQ05Cleanup

CompleteQuest DLC04RaidChaseOff

CompleteQuest DLC04_RQ_CollarTroubleMaker

CompleteQuest DLC04ParkPopulationHandler

CompleteQuest DLC04RaidCoerce

CompleteQuest DLC04RaidSubdue

CompleteQuest DLC04_RQ_KillTroubleMaker

CompleteQuest DLC04_RQ_CollarRivalBoss

;Help Defend XXXX

CompleteQuest DLC01WorkshopBotRaiderAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC01WorkshopBotRaiderAttack02

CompleteQuest DLC01WorkshopRobotAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC01WorkshopRobotAttack02

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopDeathclawAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopDogAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopFeralGhoulAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopGunnerAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopInsectAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopMirelurkAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopMoleratAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopRadscorpionAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopRaiderAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopSuperMutantAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC02WorkshopYaoGuaiAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC03WorkshopTrapperAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC04WorkshopBOSAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC04WorkshopBOSAttack02

CompleteQuest DLC04WorkshopBOSAttack03

CompleteQuest DLC04WorkshopMinutemenAttack01

CompleteQuest DLC04WorkshopMinutemenAttack02

CompleteQuest DLC04WorkshopMinutemenAttack03

CompleteQuest WorkshopFeralGhoulAttack01

CompleteQuest WorkshopGunnerAttack01

CompleteQuest WorkshopGunnerAttack02

CompleteQuest WorkshopMirelurkAttack_SI

CompleteQuest WorkshopRaiderAttack01

CompleteQuest WorkshopRaiderAttack02

CompleteQuest WorkshopRaiderAttack03

CompleteQuest WorkshopSuperMutantAttack01

CompleteQuest WorkshopSuperMutantAttack02

CompleteQuest WorkshopSynthInfiltrator01

CompleteQuest WorkshopSynthInfiltrator02

Running it

Ingame, open the console by pressing ~ (US Layout)

Other layouts use different keys.

Here’s a list of keys that may work, based on language layouts:

Taken from fallout.fandom.com

  • Belgian: ù (point keyboard)
  • Brazilian: `
  • Canadian Multilingual Standard: è
  • Danish: Æ
  • Estonian: ü
  • French: ² or ù
  • Finnish: Ö
  • German: ^ or ö
  • Hungarian: ö
  • Icelandic: Æ
  • Italian: \ or | or ò
  • Japanese: @ (to the right of P key)
  • Norwegian: ø
  • Portuguese: ç
  • Russian: ё
  • Spanish: ñ
  • Swedish: å or ö
  • Swiss: ¨ (The upper key of the left of the enter key)
  • Turkish: “
  • United States: ~ or ` (to the left of the number 1 key)
  • United Kingdom: ‘ (below the @ symbol, on the same key)
  • Other possible solutions: §, ½

To run the script, enter

bat radiant

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Fallout 4 End All Radiant Quests that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank мяFunreal. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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