Fall Guys Volleyfall mode breaks the game, is replaced by Finals Marathon


    The popular platforming battle royale Fall Guys is constantly receiving updates, some of which change the playlists to different game modes. One game mode that appeared but was quickly replaced was the Volleyfall game mode.

    The official Fall Guys Twitter says: “Goodbye Volleyfall Tournament, hello Finals Marathon” and the follow-up tweet was made by the Fall Guys Server Owl, explaining that Volleyfall Tournament was replaced due to widespread issues. With Finals Marathon, players will be able to participate in different final round game modes as they compete for crowns.

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    While Volleyfall Tournament was active, players reported several issues, including different rule sets each time they loaded a game. While reactions to Volleyfall and its replacement are mixed, it’s likely that Mediatonic will bring this mode back into the workshop to fix the issues before it returns.

    In the meantime, there are plenty of other game modes to enjoy in Fall Guys. With the Better Together event underway, players are encouraged to team up and play together to earn unique cosmetics. Additionally, Invincible skins are available in the Fall Guys store.

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