Factory Town How To Remove Workers

Hello everyone, here we will take a little look at how to remove unnecessary workers.

Working class

At the very beginning of development, when there are no conveyor belts, we use workers to deliver this or that resource to production facilities, and then finished products to warehouses, shops, etc. But with the arrival of progress, the workers who were used simply stand idle and do not allow an increase in the number of workers in the buildings. How to remove them? We’ll look at it below.

Workers on land (Worker, Trolley, Cart, etc.)

There is no standard removal of a worker in the game (at least I did not find it), so we will resort to the method of removing it by removing an item (“Scaffolding Slope” and “Walkway”), together with the worker. I stumbled upon this method by accident, as it usually happens in 99% of cases.

The method works with all ground workers (Himself – Worker, Trolley, Cart, Wooden Minecart, Trolley, Steam Locomotive, Harvester) And so, we need a “Scaffolding Slope ” (maybe wood, stone, brick, who likes what) and of course the “Path” itself (it can also be any one you like). We put everything together as in the picture.

Factory Town How To Remove Workers
Factory Town How To Remove Workers

keys “M” (Latin). Once the

Worker is in place, delete the

track under the Worker. Wooden Minecarts, Minecart, Steam Locomotive are removed in the same way on the “Scaffold Slope”, only using the “Rail”, since they do not move along the surface. But you can use the move, the “M” (Latin) key, as well as the first method with the “Worker”, move to the “Track”. So, we have dealt with the Workers on the ground, now we are smoothly moving on to the water laborers.

Factory Town How To Remove Workers

Workers on the water (Raft, Boat, Cargo ship)

On the water, everything works a little differently. We will not be able to drive the Boat to the “Scaffolding Slope”, the Boat does not run into obstacles and this is kind of logical. Therefore, here you need to act a little differently. You need to find a place with a water height of one block. We will use “Block or Arch of scaffolding” (it works with stem, and with others). Place a block under the Boat and the Boat disappears. +1 The worker is free. (It is possible and at greater depth, but it is difficult to get into the desired cell, so a little longer)

Factory Town How To Remove Workers
Factory Town How To Remove Workers


These methods of removing workers – they work (sorry for the tautology), I have verified. If something does not work out for you, then you are doing something wrong. I was glad to help if it came in handy for someone. I searched for it myself, but did not find it, so this guide is written.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Factory Town How To Remove Workers that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Nekolюchiй Yozzh. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.