Ex-Tripwire CEO Blames Losing His Job On “Social Terrorism”


The former CEO of Tripwire has stated that “social terrorism” led to his loss of his job last year. In an interview with Fox News, John Gibson said that a wave of negative public sentiment effectively pressured him to resign, and that this “social terrorism” causes people “to hide or pretend that they are not who they are.” .

The interview took place on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight show. It sees Gibson discussing his departure from Tripwire with Carlson, who suggests that the “social terrorism” described by Gibson is akin to “8th century Islam,” where Carlson says the people had to “convert or be beheaded.”

If you’re wondering what started all this, Gibson left his position as CEO of Tripwire in September of last year after voicing support for new Texas abortion laws that banned abortion on babies with a detectable heartbeat. gibson tweeted his support of the laws, sparking a firestorm of controversy that ultimately culminated in his resignation as CEO.

You may know the name Tripwire from kill floor 2, Man eateror indeed John Gibson’s controversial comments.

Although Gibson now says that he was indeed forced to leave his post, he says that there was “a lady” who was “quite an old man” who supported Gibson, or at least opposed what was happening to him. Gibson says that this person “had to deal with many consequences” and suggests that it is “social terrorism” in action, insofar as his work was allegedly hampered by those who disagreed with the policy of Gibson.

According to Gibson (whose interview was first seen by PC gamer), another Tripwire owner aligned with his political views, but this person said he didn’t “want to get canceled next.” He says he was “crushed” to have to leave Tripwire, and that he told his wife that he didn’t “want to live in such an unfair world.”

Abortion has recently become a hot topic again after the United States Supreme Court decision to allow states to ban abortion if they so choose. In response to that decision, cards against humanity decided to sell special packages that support abortion in 22 different states. Also, an abortion charity created a game called abortion bus with the goal of showing how far women in Texas have to travel if they want an abortion.

It’s worth saying that Gibson seems to have changed his tune when it comes to describing his departure. Earlier this month, Gibson said they “never kicked it” and resigned from the company voluntarily, but in the interview with Carlson, he suggests that leaving the CEO role “destroyed” him and that it was involuntary. Which account is accurate? We may have to wait for the full Tucker Carlson interview to be released next week to find out.


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