Everything We Noticed in the New Resident Evil 4 Trailer


During the demonic resident showcase on Thursday, Capcom released a new Resident Evil 4 game trailer remake and a little shorter RE4 story trailer. These trailers understandably excited the internet as Capcom showed off what they were doing to stay true to the original while updating the game for modern consoles. While there are bound to be plenty of surprises left that Capcom chooses not to reveal, here’s a breakdown of everything we’ve noticed over the past few weeks. Resident Evil 4 remake trailer.

A change from day to night

if there is one thing demonic resident the titles nail, it’s the atmosphere, and the new RE4 The remake trailer shows a dark but vibrant world compared to the 2005 original. Resident Evil 4 The game revealed that Leon was investigating an area outside of town at night when he came across the body of one of the police officers. Our journey begins in the dark, but by the time Leon reaches the town, the sun has risen and the iconic opening sequence takes place in daytime conditions similar to the original. Showing what they’re doing with night charts makes me really excited for what’s to come.

Leon fighting an enemy in the Resident Evil 4 remake trailer

Counterattack after counterattack

the RE4 The gameplay trailer shows more counterattacks than the original. When Leon is grabbed by a Ganado, he can now fight back, even getting a quick kill with a knife to the face. the demonic resident The showcase also revealed Leon taking on a chainsaw with his knife, blocking it to prevent the decapitation that was inevitable if you got too close in the original. How powerful is Leon’s knife, anyway?

it does Resident Evil 4 Do you have breakable weapons?

It’s unclear if the weapons will require maintenance or repairs, but the trailer revealed what appears to be a durability meter for Leon’s knife. It also appears that you can upgrade your knife in addition to the other weapons in the briefcase, which could make it a formidable weapon. Is the knife something that can be repaired, or is it meant to be disposable and can you pick up additional stabbing weapons throughout the Resident Evil 4 Redo? We’ll have to wait and see, although I can’t wait for the knife-only speed runs.

Leon’s classic gun and jacket are virtually unchanged

Long time Resident Evil 4 fans will immediately recognize Leon S. Kennedy’s classic jacket and pistol that he sports at the beginning of the trailer. Although Leon loses his jacket shortly after the game, perhaps this time the player will have the option to keep the outfit. Meanwhile, his pistol features a very familiar design, though like the jacket, he too can be a short-lived companion before upgrading to the Punisher. Speaking of weapons, it looks like we can expect new weapons alongside the classic firearms we’ve become familiar with. Who knows, maybe we can take on Lord Saddler with a Resident Evil Village lightsaber

Resident Evil 4 remake trailer with chainsaw destroying house

Resident Evil 4 Remake seems to feature a more destructible environment

demonic resident has always had immersive and terrifying environments, from sprawling mansions to abandoned police stations. the Resident Evil 4 The new version, however, features an environment that is more destructible than the original game. Don’t expect to go through walls and burn down houses, but we do see the chainsaw enemy cut through supports on the side of a house to cause it to collapse. What other destructible items will be added to the game?

The form of the Big Cheese monster in the Resident Evil 4 remake trailer

we see many Resident Evil 4 bosses

Story and gameplay trailers give us a glimpse of Salazar, El Gigante, the lake monster, and more. We even get a very brief glimpse of Big Cheese as he transforms for his big battle. With new gameplay mechanics and updated visuals, these battles should be an amazing experience to revisit or play for the first time.

Ashley with a gun in the Resident Evil 4 remake trailer

Will Ashley be more useful?

Escort missions are not my favorite, and RE4 features a lot of that. To Capcom’s credit, Ashley is held back by the enemy for a decent portion of the game, but there are still long stretches where you have to take care of her. the RE4 The trailer for the remake reveals that the parasite takes hold of Ashley more firmly than in the previous game, corrupting her to the point where she pulls a gun on someone (presumably Leon). If Ashley is able to pull out a gun, maybe we’ll get to see her fight this time. Or will Leon have to fight her if she turns evil?

Resident Evil 4 lake monster trailer

Is he RE4 Lake monster different?

The lake (pond?) is one of the most memorable sections of Resident Evil 4. Not only is it an early boss that demonstrates the scale of some of the enemies in this game, but it removes any upgrades you might have, even in New Game+, since you’re limited to the spear as a weapon. The brief glimpse of the monster we see in the trailer shows off a minor redesign that looks more menacing than we’re used to. I wouldn’t be surprised if this boss battle had more strategic elements than just throwing a spear at a monster and trying not to get hit from a boat.

Salazar in the Resident Evil 4 remake trailer

What about Salazar’s new look?

Salazar has always been a super weird character. He simultaneously introduces himself as an old man and a child, throwing tantrums every time Leon escapes unharmed. The redesign of him is one of the most surprising parts of the Resident Evil 4 remake trailer. More context is needed to get a full idea of ​​the character, but where the initial game leaned towards him being more of a cartoon character, we may get more depth this time around. Either way, (spoilers for the demonic resident 4 original game), I hope it will still grow into a giant plant when it comes time to finish it off.

are you excited for him Resident Evil 4 Redo? We will be following the RE4 The release date for the remake is very close, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

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