When the Doctor Who particular “Legend of the Sea Devils” aired in April, followers received a short glimpse of what to anticipate within the Doctor Who Centenary Special via a teaser trailer. Not solely is the upcoming particular Jodie Whittaker’s closing episode because the thirteenth Doctor earlier than she arms over the keys to the TARDIS to her successor Ncuti Gatwa, however the teaser confirmed which previous companions, allies and villains can be a part of Whittaker’s swan music.

In addition to the Doctor’s present companions Yasmin “Yaz” Khan (Mandip Gill) and Dan Lewis (John Bishop), traditional companions Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding) are set to make a comeback. Sacha Dhawan’s Master can also be confirmed to return, together with the Cybermen and the Daleks. Jemma Redgrave can be reprising her position as Kate Stewart and Jacob Anderson can be returning as Inston-Vee Vinder. Now that the Centenary Special is simply weeks away, the BBC formally introduced the Centenary’s title per week after Doctor Who Magazine #582, with the latter revealing 20 pages of latest story particulars.

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The Doctor Who Centenary Special is Called ‘The Power of the Doctor’

Following the custom of previous Doctor Who specials, the Centenary episode is formally known as “The Power of the Doctor.” There is quite a bit that the title implies, particularly given the overarching storyline of Jodie Whittaker’s period. In Doctor Who Season 12, the Doctor discovered for the primary time that they are not a local Gallifreyan, however an extradimensional alien with extra mysterious origins who was adopted by a Shobogan named Tecteun.

Originally generally known as the Timeless Child, the Doctor led an entire different life previous to their first identified incarnation (performed by William Hartnell). Once Tecteun found the Doctor’s regenerative potential, she experimented on the Doctor till she unlocked the key of regeneration and utilized it to herself and different Gallifreyans — successfully creating the elite Time Lord race. Sometime after Time Lord society and legal guidelines have been established, Tecteun based a black ops group generally known as The Division and recruited the Doctor as one in every of her brokers.

Once The Division’s targets now not aligned with theirs, the Doctor ran away and hid on Earth as Ruth Clayton (Jo Martin). At some level, Tecteun captured the Doctor and erased their reminiscences, sealing their former life away in a chameleon arc. Tecteun additionally pressured the Doctor to regenerate again into a baby, restarting their life once more because the First Doctor followers know. Now that the thirteenth Doctor has reclaimed the chameleon arc together with her previous reminiscences, the title “The Power of the Doctor” all however confirms the extent of her energy can be explored, with potential hints at what’s in retailer throughout the upcoming sixtieth Anniversary Special.

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The Lone Cyberman and Cybermasters Are Returning

Though it’d already been confirmed Ashad/The Lone Cyberman can be returning with a brand new military of Cybermen, it wasn’t beforehand established that the Cybermasters can be returning as properly. Having initially debuted within the Doctor Who Season 12 finale, the Cybermasters are the cyber-converted corpses of Time Lords that the Master massacred. Since Time Lords do not die simply on account of their regenerative potential, this makes the Cybermasters the deadliest subset of Cybermen the Master has introduced into existence.

The newest Doctor Who Magazine confirms the Cybermasters can be placing up a struggle towards the thirteenth Doctor, sporting a terrfiying new redesign. The new Cybermasters could have a darker metallic shade with a gold headpiece and can be buying and selling of their black cloaks for spiked armor and capes. Whether the brand new Cybermasters will possess any new particular talents or deadlier weapons can be revealed in “The Power of the Doctor.”

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The Master Will Have Multiple Roles in ‘The Power of the Doctor’

One of the Master’s defining traits is their affinity for being a “master of disguises.” Not solely can the Master change their face and gender with every new regeneration, however they’re additionally identified to imagine many roles to attain their ends. Within the trendy Doctor Who period alone, this facet of the character has been explored with actors Michelle Gomez and John Simm. Gomez’s Master, generally known as Missy, posed as a scientist and enterprise proprietor whereas Simm’s Master was elected the Prime Minister of Britain, turned each human on Earth into clones of himself and posed as a janitor on a Mondasian spaceship.

Current Master Sacha Dhawan has additionally tapped into this facet of the character when he posed as an M16 agent generally known as “O.” In Doctor Who Magazine #582, Dhawan revealed his Master will as soon as once more tackle totally different roles, however on a grander scale than earlier than. While he hasn’t confirmed what roles his Master he’ll be assuming, one in every of them seems like Grigori Rasputin, the one-time advisor of Russia’s final monarch Czar Nicholas II. Another position Dhawan teases for his Master is the Moriarty to Whittaker’s Sherlock Holmes. According to the journal, the Centenary is doing its personal tackle “The Final Problem” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle — and replicating the enduring loss of life scene at Reichenbach Falls can be the primary time the Master actually lived as much as his Moriarty position.

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Ace and Tegan Appear to be Working with UNIT

Ace and Tegan Jovanka are two fan-favorite Doctor Who companions. Ace initially traveled with the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) from the late Eighties to the early Nineteen Nineties. She’s additionally the companion that fondly referred to the Doctor as “Professor.” Tegan began out as a companion of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker), however traveled with the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) till the mid-Eighties.

While it is unclear how Tegan and Ace know one another within the teaser trailer, new stills featured in Doctor Who Magazine #582 depict them contained in the places of work of UNIT that have been first seen in Doctor Who: Flux. The UNIT affiliation is additional supported by the actual fact they’re in the identical room as Kate Stewart and the thirteenth Doctor, with actress Sophie Aldred describing Whittaker’s Doctor as having an analogous vitality to McCoy’s Doctor.

Though the stills affirm each former companions can be sharing display time with the thirteenth Doctor, their precise position within the story stays unknown. The teaser trailer depicts them combating Daleks, whom Tegan has a painful historical past with. Since the Daleks are out for the Doctor’s blood due to her half of their mass extinction, the villains from Skaro seem like returning to complete what they began in “Eve of the Daleks,” with Ace and Tegan seemingly coming to the Doctor’s protection. With all these acquainted faces and Whittaker’s farewell, “The Power of the Doctor” could also be one of many largest episodes in Doctor Who historical past.

The Doctor Who Centenary Special “The Power of the Doctor” will air on BBC One in Oct. 2022.

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