Everything to Know About Geto’s Cursed Spirit Technique


The sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen every have distinctive cursed strategies with which they exorcise cursed spirits. They can vary from being so simple as cursed speech — which forces its goal to obey with out query — to one thing as advanced as management over the idea of area itself.

Geto Suguru’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation is among the sequence’ most anomalous and is actually befitting of his villainous nature. Here’s the whole lot Jujutsu Kaisen followers have to know in regards to the 0 film villain’s creepy cursed approach.

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What Is Suguru Geto’s Cursed Technique in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Geto’s Cursed Technique is Cursed Spirit Manipulation, an extremely uncommon potential that enables him to summon and manipulate bona-fide cursed spirits as freely as different sorcerers do shikigami. Like different cursed strategies, Spirit Manipulation has some particular guidelines connected. Geto solely has entry to cursed spirits he’s beforehand absorbed after defeating them in battle, however he can immediately take management of weaker cursed spirits in his neighborhood. Once Geto absorbs a curse, their cursed vitality is added to his personal, successfully making him stronger after each profitable exorcism.

After defeating or weakening a curse, Geto begins the method of absorbing them by making a spherical mass of cursed vitality in his palms and sucking the curse into it. Once the curse is totally built-in into the ball, Geto completes the absorption by swallowing the ball. When the villain swallows a curse, his management over it’s absolute. It doesn’t matter how weakened he’s, or his distance from the curse, it should all the time act in accordance to his needs when launched. The solely curses resistant to this course of are these with terribly excessive cursed vitality or these with any pre-existing relationships with different dwelling sorcerers.

Geto can launch every of his curses individually to wreak havoc on their very own, or mix all of the spirits he possesses together with his Maximum approach known as Uzumaki. So far, Uzumaki has been showcased in two types: an assault that transforms all of Geto’s spirits into pure cursed vitality which he then fires at his opponents, and a extra passive type that Kenjaku acknowledged because the approach’s true worth. When Cursed Spirits with a better degree than Grade 1 are integrated into Uzumaki, Geto can extract their very own cursed strategies and use it as in the event that they have been his personal.

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How Geto’s Cursed Technique Influenced His Descent Into Evil

Jujutsu Kaisen‘s Cursed spirits are the manifestation of unfavourable feelings like worry, disgust and hate for human beings. Since common people haven’t any data of cursed vitality or the right way to management it, they usually inadvertently launch small swimming pools of it when experiencing unfavourable feelings; when sufficient emotion and cursed vitality is directed at a specific place or phenomenon, a cursed spirit is born embodying it. No one understood this creation course of higher than Geto, and he resented humanity for creating such foul creatures.

Geto’s years of gathering and ingesting curses have been sufficient to present him a wholesome dislike of curses and humanity as a complete. He described the style of a curse as akin to consuming a vomit-soaked rag, however he had no different options to extend his energy. He seen humanity as weak and an inferior species to jujutsu sorcerers, and opposed the established order that had sorcerers discreetly defending people from their very own literal demons.

Geto grew weary of the limitless cycles of defeating and ingesting curses and dreamed of a world freed from them. This was a laudable purpose by itself however, since curses have been born of human feelings, the one manner the extinction of curses can be sustainable was if common people now not existed both. Since Geto already had loads of disdain for people, he had no qualms in regards to the implications of his purpose.

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