Everything Announced at Nintendo’s House of Indies Christmas Event



    Nintendo Switch has plenty of popular titles from major developers, but there are also plenty of brilliant indie games for you to discover. To help you get acquainted with those hidden gems, Nintendo has introduced the House of Indies holiday event that lasts for five days. Four games are announced every day, some of which you can play right away, while others are still in development.

    All the games revealed at Nintendo’s House of Indies holiday event

    Here you can find everything announced at Nintendo’s House of Indies Christmas event. Check back to this article every day during the event to find out what Nintendo Switch games are revealed. We will update this page as soon as new information is announced!

    All games announced on Day 3 of the House of Indies Holiday Event

    • Sonority is a puzzle game with exciting mechanics that is heavily based on music. (out now)
    • sail ahead is a ship sailing game where you explore ocean maps, meet new allies and fight pirates and sea monsters. (out now)
    • Craft Potion: Alchemist Simulator allows you to collect ingredients for potions based on already existing recipes or created by you. You will sell those potions in your alchemist shop to customers who need some special concoctions. (release date Spring 2023).
    • tin hearts is a puzzle game in which you have to guide a group of tin soldiers to an exit through levels full of unusual obstacles. (release date April 20, 2023)

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    All games announced on Day 2 of the House of Indies Holiday Event

    • Captain It’s an old-school adventure game with a solid battle system, and quirky humor puts you in the role of a space captain rushing to save humanity. (out now)
    • the punchin is a pixel art puzzle game where you play as a boxer penguin in search of the treasure of Punch Mountain. (out now)
    • The Gecko Gods is a platform game in which you are a little gecko on an island full of traps and platforms with the mission of saving his friend. (release date to be confirmed)
    • Risk of return of rain is a remaster of a popular side-scrolling roguelike that has improved the multiplayer and content of Risk of Rain 2. (release date tbc)

    All the games revealed on day 1 of the House of Indies Christmas event

    • Mortal Shell: Complete Edition It is made for fans of Soulslike games. Hone your skills and defeat tough opponents in this roguelike game. (out now)
    • floppy disk knights is a tactical game where you create a deck with special abilities to defeat opponents on the map. (out now)
    • pupperazzi It will allow you to become a dog photographer, upgrade your camera and create the best puppy photos to build your career as a pet lover. (release date Q1 2023)
    • Roman Arenas RE:Build is an apocalyptic RPG that combines gacha, horror, and puzzle elements. (release date summer 2023)

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