Every Time The CW’s Riverdale Reinvented Itself


When Riverdale Released in 2017, it was a darker adaptation of the Archie Comics characters from the mind of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Riverdale It introduced the characters that comic book fans knew and loved, but the series began with a captivating murder mystery that devastated the city. and just when Riverdale seemed to have its place in the murder mystery genre, the second season began with a completely different theme.

between seasons, Riverdale reimagined into a slasher drama. Since then, it seems that with each new season Riverdale goes through a rebranding process. Some of these rebrandings have been incredibly successful for the show, while others have failed to hit the mark. From murder mystery to one of many supernatural teen dramas and now time travel in its seventh and final season, the series has never stayed the same.

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Riverdale season 1 was a murder mystery

The pilot episode of Riverdale set up a compelling murder mystery when the town’s golden boy, Jason Blossom, was murdered over the summer. The town of Riverdale would never be the same, and was clouded with shadows and secrets after Jason’s tragic death. Over the course of the season, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, and Jason’s twin sister Cheryl Blossom played amateur detectives to solve Jason’s murder. The first season of Riverdale was established as NancyDrew satisfies Dawson’s Creek with an intriguing cast.

Riverdale Season 2 Was a Slasher Series

The second season of Riverdale featured a new ongoing plot surrounding a serial killer called The Black Hood. The villain’s mission was to punish all the sinners of Riverdale. Once again, the teens set out to solve the mystery, this time by unmasking The Black Hood. Archie and Betty had a vested interest in bringing The Black Hood to justice: he shot Archie’s father and was inspired to start his killing spree after hearing Betty give a speech. Riverdale’s The first rebranding to a slasher drama provided an exciting plot that viewers embraced just as much as the first season.

Riverdale season 3 was a cult story

The third season of Riverdale it was the least entertaining rebranding of the show. The season started with an RPG called Griffins and Gargoyles — clearly a parody of Dungeons and Dragons – that turned deadly. The plot got even more absurd when the characters began to be indoctrinated into a cult called The Farm. There was also a side story where Archie and Veronica were dating while his father, Hiram Lodge, tried to kill Archie several times. Eventually, the cult and RPG storylines began to intersect, creating an unnecessarily complicated season that left viewers more confused than enthralled.

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Riverdale Season 4 focused on high school drama

Riverdale’s fourth season premiered with an interesting I know what you did last summer-style mystery that made it look like Archie, Betty, and Veronica had killed Jughead. But it was eventually revealed that Jughead was faking his own death to expose wrongdoing at Stonewall Prep, a prestigious boarding school he started attending because of his writings. Riverdale he’s back in shape with all his high school drama. The only downside was that the season 3 cult had an ongoing subplot that dragged on the new story the show was trying to tell.

Riverdale season 5 returns to mystery

Riverdale returned to its roots in its fifth season. After the gang graduated from high school in the first few episodes, there was a huge time jump, the best move the series has ever made. Seven years in the future, Betty’s older sister Polly Cooper has disappeared and is presumed dead. Betty was no longer an amateur detective; she had become a member of the FBI. She used her FBI resources to search for Polly’s killer while she battled PTSD from her own encounter with a serial killer known as The Trashbag Killer. By returning to its original genre and refreshing the series with more adult stories, Riverdale’s The fifth season was the best.

Riverdale season 6 was a supernatural adventure

Riverdale’s Season six took a turn towards the supernatural and was praised for including fan-favorite Sabrina Spellman. However, the season’s villain, Percival Pickens, was more annoying than Hiram Lodge. The strongest part of the sixth season was the five-episode “Rivervale” that explored an alternate universe. But when Rivervale started leaking into Riverdale, the show decided to give all of its main characters superpowers and turned Cheryl into a witch, it became too much. The sixth season was another of Riverdale’s worst outings.

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Riverdale season 7 will be a time travel saga

Riverdale’s Season six ended with Cheryl using her witch powers in combination with her friends’ superpowers to defeat Percival. This somehow transported the entire group back to 1955. It seems like the last season of Riverdale will explore the original world that Archie Comics created. This final incarnation of the show in a time travel drama holds a lot of promise because it will give viewers a chance to see a version of Riverdale more closely related to its comic book counterpart. However, no one knows how long the trip to 1955 will last or if it will live up to the expectations of comic book fans.

The fact that Riverdale never staying in a steady lane baffled some viewers and excited others. From the first episode, it was clear that Aguirre-Sacasa and his team wanted to do something very different. They continued to accomplish that by revisiting the show each season. The most cynical fans and viewers will always remember Riverdale for constantly changing his subject.

Riverdale seasons 1-6 are now streaming on Netflix. Riverdale season 7 premieres on The CW in 2023.

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