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The hierarchy of energy within the DC Extended Universe is altering, as Dwayne Johnson revealed within the build-up for 2022’s Black Adam. Johnson was referring to the titular character’s immense degree of energy and wealth of talents that might problem DC’s reigning superhero, Superman.

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Black Adam and Superman each possess super-strength and invulnerability, in addition to the flexibility to fly. The truest distinction lies of their respective integrities: the Man of Steel saves the harmless whereas Adam seeks additional energy and vengeance for his individuals. The two titans have clashed a number of occasions within the comics, offering loads of inspiration for Black Adam’s adventures on the massive display.

Updated on October 19, 2022 by Scoot Allan: Rumors are flying concerning the potential return of Henry Cavill to the DCEU. This has led to additional dialogue amongst followers a few potential cinematic showdown between Dwayne Johnson’s highly effective Black Adam and the DCEU’s Man of Steel. Both characters have set the bar excessive in relation to their energy ranges, resulting in a number of fan discussions about who would win within the comics. There have been a number of comedian matchups over time which have helped gasoline the continued debate.

8/8 “Superman Vs. Captain Marvel – When Earths Collide!”

All-New Collectors’ Edition (Vol. 1) #C-58, By Writer Gerry Conway, Penciler Rich Buckler, Inker Dick Giordano, Colorist Adrienne Roy, And Letterer Gaspar Saladino

Black Adam aided the Martian sorcerer Karmang in orchestrating a battle between the World’s Mightiest Mortal and the Man of Steel. Shazam, Superman, and Black Adam are a few of the DC universe’s strongest characters, and this early match-up helped set up the distinctive dynamics between the three godlike beings.

Black Adam masqueraded as Shazam and attacked Superman so as to draw them right into a struggle collectively. His plan virtually labored, however Supergirl intervened. She used a magic employees to rework Black Adam into Teth-Adam, which allowed her to cease the struggle between Superman and Shazam.

7/8 “Black And Blue”

Action Comics (Vol. 1) #831, By Writer Gail Simone, Penciler John Byrne, Inkers Lary Stucker & Nelson DeCastro, Colorist Guy Major, And Letterer Pat Brosseau

Superman confronted Black Adam in Metropolis following a misunderstanding with the villain Doctor Psycho. The short-statured villain was romping across the metropolis, hypnotizing individuals and imploring them to commit darkish acts. Lex Luthor despatched Black Adam to cease Dr. Psycho, orchestrating a battle between titans.

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Black Adam subdued the villain earlier than Superman confirmed as much as cease him, which led to the misunderstanding. Superman thought Black Adam was serving to Dr. Psycho, and a devastating battle ensued. While it wasn’t a malicious battle they usually quickly found they have been attempting to cease the identical villain, it demonstrated the big harmful potential of their brawls.

6/8 Superman and Shazam: “Black Adam”

DC Comics Presents (Vol. 1) #49, By Writers Roy Thomas & Paul Kupperberg, Penciler Rich Buckler, Inker John Calnan, Colorist Gene D’Angelo, And Letterer John Costanza

DC Comics Presents #49 featured an early instance of multiversal shenanigans. The challenge depicted Black Adam of Earth-S heading to Earth-One to focus on that world’s Billy Batson. Black Adam then declared his intention to overcome the planet. The Man of Steel and Shazam opposed the tyrannical powerhouse collectively in one of many trio’s earliest encounters.

A strong struggle crammed with brutal punches and unimaginable powers provided one other exhilarating showdown between the trio of supermen. These early comics might encourage a DCEU match-up that will do justice to the highly effective battles whereas using stars like Dwayne Johnson, Henry Cavill, and Zachary Levi of their live-action roles.

5/8 “Chapter Seven”

DCeased: Hope at World’s End (Vol. 1) #7, By Writer Tom Taylor, Penciler/Inker Renato Guedes, Colorist Rex Lokus, And Letterer Saida Temofonte

DCeased: Hope at World’s End explored the results of an undead plague afflicting a world with superhumans. As the protector of Kahndaq, Black Adam totally eradicated any trace of the Anti-Life Virus inside his borders by using lethal pressure towards his contaminated residents.

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Unfortunately, the Anti-Life Virus contaminated Black Adam, and it rapidly unfold by his complete nation. Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, and Superman engaged Black Adam, however the contaminated anti-hero ended his struggle with the League to rally his contaminated horde of warriors. This was solely a short lived reprieve for the heroes, as Adam’s starvation remained unhappy.

4/8 “Chapter Fourteen”

DCeased: Hope at World’s End (Vol. 1) #14, By Writer Tom Taylor, Penciler/Inker Marco Failla, Colorist Rex Lokus, And Letterer Saida Temofonte

When the contaminated Black Adam resumed his assault in DCeased: hope at World’s End, he focused among the best variations of Superboy, Jon Kent. Superman got here to his son’s rescue alongside Wonder Woman. The struggle took them throughout the nation to Gotham City, the place the heroes launched a closing assault on the contaminated anti-hero and his forces.

Black Adam met his doom because of Wonder Woman’s lasso of reality. She compelled him to talk his magic phrase and rework again into his human Teth-Adam kind. To cement the League’s victory, Superman seared Adam’s vocal cords, stopping his transformation again into Black Adam.

3/8 “Prisoners”

Forever Evil (Vol. 1) #3, By Writer Geoff Johns, Penciler David Finch, Inker Richard Friend, Colorist Sonia Oback, And Letterer Rob Leigh

The Crime Syndicate from Earth-3 launched a brutal assault on the DC universe within the New 52’s Forever Evil occasion. They imprisoned many of the Justice League inside Firestorm’s physique, leaving the villains behind to struggle again. Black Adam’s mission to destroy anybody who deliberate to oppress others made him first in line to tackle the Crime Syndicate.

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Black Adam confronted off with one of many strongest variations of Superman, his evil Earth-3 counterpart Ultraman. He delivered a number of highly effective pictures throughout the battle and even struck again with a magical lightning blast, however Ultraman was hardly phased. He broke Black Adam’s jaw so he could not use phrases to harm him once more, ending the struggle rapidly.

2/8 “Chapter Twenty-Nine”

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five (Vol. 1) #29, By Writer Brian Buccellato, Penciler/Inker Xermanico, Colorist Rex Lokus, And Letterer Wes Abbott

NetherRealm’s Injustice: Gods Among Us video game launched followers to a darkish alternate DC world. A comic book sequence exploring the climactic break up between Superman and Batman explored the years earlier than and after the occasions of the game. Black Adam fought alongside Superman and his totalitarian Regime, making him a personality followers need to see in Injustice 3.

Superman started reaffirming the loyalty of his followers after The Flash betrayed him. Black Adam wished to maintain his residence nation of Kahndaq out of the struggle, which led him to assault Superman. After a pitched battle, Superman made it clear that Kahndaq would develop into his enemy in the event that they weren’t an ally. Black Adam stood down and reaffirmed his loyalty to save lots of his individuals.

1/8 “Touchdown”

Infinite Crisis (Vol. 1) #6, By Writer Geoff Johns; Pencilers Phil Jimenez & Joe Bennett; Penciler/Inkers George Pérez & Ivan Reis; Inkers Andy Lanning, Jerry Ordway, Sean Parsons & Art Thibert; Colorists Jeromy Cox, Guy Major, Tanya Horie, & Richard Horie; And Letterer Rob Leigh

A heroic alternate model of Clark Kent appeared previous to the Crisis on Infinite Earths who turned often called Superboy-Prime. He returned throughout DC’s epic Infinite Crisis occasion alongside Alexander Luthor and different multiversal characters. They have been attempting to rebuild the multiverse after the Crisis occasion erased each different actuality.

Superboy-Prime wore a particular armor constructed from the Anti-Monitor’s physique to extend his energy. Black Adam confronted Superboy-Prime, hoping that his magical talents would give him an edge. Superboy-Prime revealed Black Adam’s blows solely tickled, and he ended the struggle. Black Adam and the Shazam household mixed could not defeat Superboy-Prime when he returned years later.

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