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Black Adam’s large display debut has been lengthy coming. DC has pushed the character to the moon since 2020 in preparation, however Black Adam was a DC A-Lister even earlier than that. He’s had fairly a journey within the twenty first century, with the villain-turned-anti-hero reaching heights of recognition he by no means had earlier than. It took a whole lot of work, although, and Adam was put into many groups through the years with a view to construct up his legend.

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Sometimes, Adam has completed properly on groups. Other occasions, his tenures have been disastrous. Adam at all times brings one thing distinctive to each group he is part of. Black Adam has joined the most important hero and villain groups within the land, in addition to some lesser-known ones, standing out on each single one in every of them.

9/9 The Black Marvel Family Wasn’t Long For The World

The Black Marvel Family was Black Adam at his happiest. After releasing and falling in love with the attractive Adrianna Tomaz, he shared his powers along with her, and he or she turned Isis. They then freed her brother, Amon, and gave him powers. He would turn out to be Osiris, and the Black Marvel Family was born. Sobek, a sentient crocodile man, rounded out the group.

The Black Marvel Family’s time within the solar was quick. Sobek was revealed to be an agent of the Horsemen of Apocalypse and killed Osiris. Isis would die not lengthy after, and Black Adam’s rage and grief would trigger him to go on a genocidal quest for vengeance, one which would depart many harmless folks lifeless.

8/9 The Monster Society Of Evil Was An Assemblage Of Shazam’s Greatest Enemies

Black Adam started his life within the comics as a Shazam villain. Like some other highly effective superhero with a big rogues gallery, Shazam’s enemies all got here collectively as one to attempt to destroy him, forming the Monster Society Of Evil. There have been a number of completely different incarnations of the group, with members like Doctor Sivana, Mr. Mind, Ibac, Mister Atom, and extra.

Black Adam has been a member of the group a number of occasions through the years, most notably within the fourth incarnation. It’s the primary official group that Black Adam was part of, and he hasn’t been a member for a very long time. It does maintain an necessary distinction in his historical past, although.

7/9 Black Adam’s Time In The Secret Society Of Supervillains Ended Badly

Infinite Crisis was DC’s largest occasion of 2005. The story featured a number of plot traces, and one in every of them was the return of the Secret Society of Supervillains. Ostensibly introduced collectively by Lex Luthor, the group was led by a ruling council of Luthor, Talia al Ghul, Doctor Psycho, the Calculator, Deathstroke, and Black Adam. They united the remainder of the villainous neighborhood below them and tormented the heroes each probability they bought.

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Unbeknownst to the remainder of the Society, Luthor was actually Alexander Luthor of Earth-3 in disguise. He finally had members of the Society seize Black Adam. Adam was put into Luthor’s Multiversal tuning fork to faucet into his latent Earth-S energies. He’d finally break away with the others imprisoned there, however was taken out by Superboy-Prime.

6/9 Black Adam’s Time With The Injustice Society Ended In Betrayal

Black Adam was a villain for ages, however all of that modified throughout his stint with the Injustice Society. The Injustice Society was the villainous reverse of the JSA and introduced collectively the heroic group’s worst villains. Adam joined Johnny Sorrow’s incarnation of the group alongside villains like Icicle, Blackbriar Thorn, Count Vertigo, Geomancer, Killer Wasp, Tigress, Shiv, Rival, and Thinker.

Adam had determined that being a villain was performed out for him, so he defected from the Injustice Society and helped the JSA flip the tides on their foes. No one anticipated the betrayal of the villains by Black Adam; he was instrumental within the defeat of the Injustice Society. This defection would additionally see the start of his tenure with the Justice Society.

5/9 The Legion Of Doom Is The Justice League’s Largest Group Of Foes

The Legion of Doom is iconic Justice League villains. Made up of the best villains on Earth, it is extra of a military than a superteam in a whole lot of methods. Pretty a lot each villain value their salt has been a member of the Legion in some unspecified time in the future or one other, assembly of their black skull-shaped headquarters and hatching plans meant to destroy the Justice League as soon as and for all.

Black Adam has held membership within the Legion a number of occasions through the years, in comics, alternate universes, and even TV exhibits. He wasn’t a member of the the group newest incarnation, however he did ask them for assist with Deathstroke’s Dark Army in Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths, which ended badly for the Legion.

4/9 Black Adam Was A Disruptive Influence On The Justice Society Of America

The Justice Society is DC’s first superteam. The group first got here collectively through the Golden Age, battling the best threats of WWII and past. In the trendy age, the JSA turned a group that mixed the most effective heroes of yesteryear with the legacy heroes impressed by their exploits. Adam’s betrayal of the Injustice Society led to him getting a probationary membership with the group, however the entire thing ended badly.

Adam wasn’t a lot assist to the group. While he gained the respect of Atom Smasher, everybody else gave him a large berth. He finally was in a position to persuade Atom Smasher and several other allies of the group to hitch forces with him, they usually left collectively.

3/9 Black Adam & His Friends Toppled Kahndaq

JSA: Black Reign is the most effective Black Adam story. During his time with the Justice Society, Adam introduced collectively a gaggle of heroes with no qualms about bloodshed. These heroes included Atom Smasher, Northwind, Alexander Montez, Nemesis, and Brainwave II. They went on a quest for vengeance, one which ended with the group toppling the corrupt dictator of Kahndaq.

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The JSA bought concerned, and the combat was on. It was revealed that Adam had used Mr. Mind to manage Brainwave, which the Atom ended, and Montez misplaced management of the Eclipso diamond, killing himself and Nemesis. Adam clashed with your entire JSA by himself and held them off till Atom Smasher bought them to conform to a truce, they usually left the nation. The group misplaced most of its members, however they nonetheless succeeded of their objectives and held Kahndaq.

2/9 Black Adam Joined Lex Luthor’s Surrogate Justice League To Defeat The Crime Syndicate

Lex Luthor is a ball of charisma, so when the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 defeated the Justice League and decreed themselves the rulers of Earth, he introduced collectively his personal group to cease them. The group consisted of Luthor, his Bizarro clone B-0, Deathstroke, Captain Cold, Black Manta, Sinestro, Black Adam, and later Catwoman and Batman. This unlikely group would do what the Justice League could not.

Together, the villainous group was in a position to take the combat on to the Crime Syndicate. Adam did his finest work towards Ultraman and Powerwoman. In the top, Luthor’s group was in a position to triumph, sending the Syndicate packing and releasing their enemies within the Justice League.

1/9 Superman Asked Black Adam To Join The Justice League

The Justice League is at all times searching for recruits, however nobody ever thought Black Adam can be amongst them. After serving to the League within the battle towards the Frost King, Black Adam left Kahndaq to research vitality disturbances across the new superhero Naomi. This led to being pulled to her residence Earth with Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Hippolyta, Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, and Black Canary.

The group confronted off towards Brutus whereas there. Back on Earth, Superman requested Adam if he would be part of the League, and he accepted, kicking his first stint with the most important superhero group on the planet and serving to them battle new threats.

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