Every Targaryen In House Of The Dragon, Ranked By Madness


House Targaryen is known for its so-called Madness, a genetic function supposedly derived from centuries of steady incest and inbreeding. The Targaryens not often married exterior their household in order to keep up the purity of their bloodlines, inadvertently worsening the psychological stability of every successive technology. Maester Aemon’s brother Aerion Brightflame consumed wildfire to “become a dragon.”

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Similarly, Aerys II Targaryen deliberate to burn a complete metropolis to the bottom so he may come up from the ashes, like some form of macabre phoenix. It’s seemingly that Daenerys additionally suffered from this incurable illness, particularly given her recklessness and cruelty throughout the Battle of King’s Landing. The Targaryens in House of the Dragon are but to reveal conclusive signs of Madness, however a few of them already appear midway there.

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7 King Jaehaerys Targaryen Was Probably The Least Mad Member Of His Family

Jaehaerys Targaryen reigned over Westeros for fifty-five years, climbing the Iron Throne on the younger age of fourteen. Known for his peaceable and amiable nature, this King is broadly considered the best Targaryen ruler in historical past. Grand Maester Benifer claimed that Jaehaerys was “learned as a maester and pious as a septon,” whereas Queen Alyssa referred to as him “the best of [her] three sons.”

King Jaehaerys handled everybody round him with dignity and respect, from lowborn peasants to landed gentry, incomes him love and admiration throughout the realm. Unlike most of his ancestors (and descendants), Jaeherys understood the worth of information, spending the majority of his time immersed within the royal library’s tomes and scrolls. It’s protected to say that Jaehaerys was the least Mad member of the Targaryen dynasty.

6 Queen Aemma Doesn’t Exhibit Any Targaryen-Specific Afflictions

Although technically born into House Arryn, Aemma is half-Targaryen. Her mom, Princess Daella, was certainly one of King Jaehaerys’ 13 youngsters, making her Viserys’ first cousin. Aemma turns into the Queen after Viserys is chosen to succeed their grandfather, making a legacy she by no means wished within the first place. And but, she dutifully fulfills her obligation to the Iron Throne with none complaints.

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Aemma undergoes a number of miscarriages throughout her marriage, leaving her feeling exhausted and depressing. She lastly informs her husband of her intentions, stating that she’s “mourned all the dead children [she] can.” Viserys accepts her determination, however solely as a result of he is assured that her closing little one would be the male inheritor he had been eagerly praying for. Sadly for Viserys and Rhaenyra, Aemma dies giving delivery to Baelon, who promptly follows his mom to the afterlife. It may be the Arryn blood in her veins, however Queen Aemma would not exhibit any Targaryen-specific afflictions.

5 King Viserys I May Have Succumbed To Targaryen Madness If He Had Lived Long Enough

The son of Prince Baelon and Princess Alyssa Targaryen, Viserys was third within the line of succession to the Iron Throne on the time of his delivery. Following the deaths of his father and uncle, Viserys shortly gained the eye of Westerosi nobles as a possible successor. The Great Council inevitably chooses him over his cousin, Rhaenys, crowning him the fifth Targaryen King of Westeros.

Viserys inherits a comparatively secure administration from his grandfather, explaining why he guidelines the realm with a delicate hand. His brother considers his brother too weak-minded to be a succesful ruler, and never with out motive. Despite his unquestionable largesse, Viserys’ noncommital strategy to governance would not directly spark the so-called Dance of the Dragons. It will be argued that Viserys would have finally develop into a sufferer of Targaryen Madness if he had lived lengthy sufficient.

4 Princess Rhaenys Targaryen Seethes With Bitterness And Hatred, Even If She Rarely Displays Her True Feelings

Born to Lady Jocelyn Baratheon and Aemon Targaryen, the Prince of Dragonstone, Rhaenys was all set to inherit the Iron Throne after her grandfather and father. Her grandmother Queen Alysanne even referred to her as “our Queen to be.” However, Aemon’s unintentional dying prompts King Jaehaerys to call his youthful son, Baelon, as his inheritor.

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This creates friction inside House Targaryen, one that’s lastly mitigated by the Great Council’s male-centric determination. Rhaenys was famend for her nice magnificence in addition to her dragonriding abilities, however years of being sidelined have performed havoc together with her capability for endurance. Now often known as the “Queen Who Never Was,” Rhaenys Targaryen seethes with bitterness and hatred, even when she not often shows her true emotions. Rhaenys would serve on Queen Rhaenyra’s Black Council till her dying.

3 Princess Rhaenyra Transforms Into A Power-Hungry Tyrant In The Books

Rhaenyra Targaryen is at the moment a fan-favorite, though she’s quickly going to lose that distinction if her path overlaps with the guide model of her character. As the inheritor to the Iron Throne, Rhaenyra absolutely intends to hold her father’s legacy ahead, even when it means destroying her enemies. House Targaryen splits down the center after Viserys’ dying, with an equal variety of factions supporting each Aegon and Rhaenyra’s declare to the Iron Throne.

This battle quickly turns right into a raging inferno, destabilizing Westeros on a number of ranges. Rhaenyra loses her youthful optimism over the course of the Targaryen Civil War and transforms right into a power-hungry tyrant, very similar to her descendant Daenerys. Aegon in the end has his half-sister executed by feeding her to his dragon, Sunfyre.

2 Aegon II Leaves House Targaryen Fractured And In Near-Ruins

The son of Alicent Hightower and Viserys Targaryen, Prince Aegon is way too younger to really present any indicators of Targaryen Madness. In reality, he would not also have a talking function at this level in House of the Dragon. The guide model of this character, nonetheless, paints a radically completely different image. Aegon inherits the Iron Throne from his father earlier than participating in an all-out conflict together with his half-sister.

Rhaenyra demolishes his armies with relative ease, leaving him extra resentful than ever. Aegon begins self-medicating with strongwine, a very potent type of alcohol, which invariably aggravates his already fraying psychological situation. Unfortunately, Aegon’s temperament fails to enhance even after he defeats and kills Rhaenyra. The King’s dying leaves House Targaryen fractured and in near-ruins, explaining why future students would finally checklist him among the many worst rulers of all time.

1 Prince Daemon’s Erratic Behavior And Lack Of Conscience Make Him The Worst Imaginable Heir To The Iron Throne

Prince Daemon Targaryen wishes the Iron Throne greater than anything on this planet, which is why he foolishly makes an attempt to woo his niece. He strongly believes that he can be a greater ruler than his brother, an unsubstantiated declare based mostly on his bloated ego. If that is not Mad sufficient, Daemon “dissolves” his marriage to Rhea Royce by beating her to dying with a rock and later scorns his spouse’s cousin when he accuses the Prince of homicide.

Despite his fight prowess and martial management abilities, his erratic habits and lack of conscience make him the worst attainable option to succeed King Viserys. Furthermore, Daemon’s violent streak tends to overshadow each his widespread sense and his responsibility to the realm. Daemon finally marries Rhaenyra and sires three youngsters together with her, two of whom would go on to take a seat on the Iron Throne.

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