As the prequel sequence to Games of Thrones, House of the Dragon bears many similarities but in addition many variations. While in GoT, dragons had been uncommon and almost extinct, HoD is virtually coated in dragons.

Related: 10 Things House Of The Dragon Already Does Better Than Game Of ThronesAudiences are excited to see what the dragons will appear to be and what elements they are going to play within the plot. So far, at the very least 17 dragons have been confirmed to seem within the present. Some have in depth backgrounds whereas others solely have a reputation and transient description. Some are large, outdated, and battle-scarred whereas others are younger, small, and untested. Not the entire dragons have appeared on the present but however here is what followers have gleaned up to now.

17 Vhagar: The Grandmother Of Dragons

Smaller than her colleagues, Balerion and Meraxes, Vhagar continues to be the most important and oldest dragon in the course of the period that the House of the Dragon takes place. A member of the unique trio that conquered Westeros, Vhagar has been in additional battles than some other dragon and mothered many dragons.

So far, Vhagar has solely been talked about in House of the Dragon the place characters admit nobody has seen her in a very long time. Nonetheless, audiences eagerly await her look and her battle with Caraxes within the present.

16 Vermithor: The Hammer Of The Dragons

Also often known as the Bronze Fury, Vermithor is the second-largest dragon in House of the Dragon after Vhagar. Originally ridden by King Jaehaerys Targaryen, he went riderless for a very long time after Jaehaerys’ dying till being claimed by a blacksmith’s bastard named Hugh the Hammer. Vermithor died in battle alongside his new rider.

Related: 10 Things Game Of Thrones Fans Want To See In House Of The DragonVermithor had a repute for being particularly ferocious, therefore his identify. Even his dying was epic. Fighting two dragons without delay, he managed to tear his opponents aside earlier than dying himself. Vermithor’s presence guarantees audiences some spectacular battles later within the present.

15 Sheepstealer: Wild And Free

Named for his love of mutton, Sheepstealer went unclaimed in his youth and finally grew to become a wild dragon with a behavior of stealing native sheep. He was finally claimed by a lady named Nettles, who received his loyalty by feeding him sheep each morning. Although he and Nettles fought battles for the king, they finally left civilization for the mountains the place legends round them grew.

A solitary wild dragon and a scrappy younger lady who has no expertise in warfare make for an odd couple who most likely don’t work properly with others. For higher or for worse, these two are wild playing cards and their story goes to be fascinating to observe.

14 Silverwing: A Princess Among Dragons

The fourth-largest dragon in House of the Dragon, Silverwing was initially ridden by Alysanne Targaryen. Alysanne was the spouse of Jaehaerys Targaryen who rode Silverwing’s mate, Vermithor. After Alysanne’s dying, Silverwing went riderless for years till she was claimed by Ulf the White. After Vermithor and Ulf died, she lived the remainder of her life as a wild dragon.

Unlike her ferocious mate, Silverwing wasn’t recognized for her preventing prowess. Nonetheless, her shut relationship with Vermithor may show to be an intriguing level on the present. How properly they work collectively in battle and what sort of relationship their new riders will construct are questions that audiences can stay up for.

13 Dreamfyre: A Sad Story

The fifth-largest dragon in House of the Dragon, Dreamfyre had an in depth and constant relationship along with her two riders. Her first rider, Rhaena Targaryen, was a younger lady when Dreamfyre hatched and the 2 of them grew up collectively. Dreamfyre additionally cherished her second rider, Helaena Targaryen, and it’s mentioned that when Helaena died, Dreamfyre’s roar shook the Dragonpit, and she or he broke two of her chains.

Dreamfyre was killed years later when an offended mob stormed the pit, although she slaughtered extra males than the opposite dragons mixed. Helaena has already made an look on the present, her dragon stays within the shadows. However, their shared tragedy guarantees to be the most important heartbreaker in House of the Dragon.

12 Caraxes: The Dark Warrior

Caraxes was first ridden by Aemon Targaryen, however his most notorious rider is the Rogue Prince, Daemon Targaryen. Although not almost as huge as Vermithor, he’s simply as fierce and grows to turn out to be an skilled warrior, incomes the identify, “Blood Wyrm.” By the time he and Vhagar locked claws, Caraxes was solely half her measurement. However, he was in a position to kill her earlier than dying from his wounds.

Caraxes is the second dragon to make an look in House of the Dragon and up to now, he lives as much as his identify and repute. Strong and terrifying to behold, he is an ideal match for the warmongering prince, and audiences eagerly await his participation in additional battles.

11 Meleys: The Red Queen

Known because the Red Queen for her crimson scales and lots of kids, Meleys was initially claimed by Alyssa Targaryen after which Rhaenys Targaryen. While not the biggest dragon, Meleys continues to be a hefty measurement, and she or he’s quick, simply outstripping Caraxes and Vhagar. She’s additionally a ferocious fighter. It is speculated that she may’ve defeated Vhagar, who was aged on the time. However, Vhagar was aided by Sunfyre, and Meleys was killed within the battle.

Like her second rider, Meleys is certainly one of Westeros’ extra obscure dragons. Unless Rhaenys is given a much bigger function within the story, Meleys will most likely have few appearances and a few stiff competitors. Nonetheless, seeing how she matches as much as the likes of Caraxes and Vhagar ought to be one of many highlights of the present.

10 Syrax: The Future Of Westeros

Syrax is the dragon who belongs to Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. Rhaenyra claimed her when she was somewhat lady and has been her solely rider. Despite her youth, Syrax had already grown to a big measurement and was fairly formidable although not as skilled in battle. Unfortunately, Syrax met a grim finish within the books, killed by the identical rioters who killed Dreamfyre.

Syrax is the primary dragon to seem in House of the Dragon when Rhaenyra rides her over King’s Landing. She additionally made an entrance throughout a confrontation between Rhaenyra and her uncle Daemon. Now, audiences wait eagerly to see what she’ll do in later episodes and if she’ll seem on the battlefield.

9 Sunfyre: Pride Of The Dragons

With his shining, golden scales, Sunfyre was thought of essentially the most lovely dragon who ever existed. He was claimed by Aegon II Targaryen and like Syrax, he solely ever knew one rider. He obtained grievous accidents throughout his battle with Meleys and extra accidents in his battle with Moondancer. These accidents completely injured him, and he finally died from them. Not, nonetheless, earlier than he performed executioner to Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Related: House Of The Dragon: 10 Storylines From The Books The TV Show Needs To AdaptAlthough House of the Dragon is specializing in Rhaenyra and Daemon for now, Aegon II is a significant participant within the books and can seemingly turn out to be so later within the present. Therefore, Sunfyre could play a big function within the story earlier than his two huge battles. With so many putting dragons on the roster, it’s going to be a problem to create essentially the most lovely dragon on this planet.

8 Tessarion: Jewel Of the Sky

Known because the Blue Queen for her putting blue colour and her blue flames, Tessarion was claimed by Daeron Targaryen when he was solely six years outdated. He rode her into battle for the primary time in the course of the civil battle, saving his mom’s cousin and profitable the day. They continued serving beneath his cousin, scouting forward and preventing battles. Tessarion met her finish preventing a three-way battle in opposition to Vermithor and Seasmoke shortly after Daeron was killed in an ambush.

Given Daeron’s age initially of the present, Tessarion is unlikely to seem within the story till a lot later. However, she is prone to depart a long-lasting impression on the viewer’s reminiscence.

7 Seasmoke: Went Out Like A Boss

Despite being one of many youthful dragons, Seasmoke had two riders in his lifetime. The first was Laenor Velaryon, Rhaenyra’s first husband and cousin. The second was Addam of Hull. Addam grew to become recognized for his loyalty and need to show himself when he ambushed Rhaenyra’s enemies. Unfortunately, the battle value him and his dragon their lives. Seasmoke was the third dragon to take part within the three-way battle between himself, Vermithor, and Tessarion, a battle that killed all three dragons.

Seasmoke is the third dragon to seem in House of the Dragon when he and Laenor be part of Daemon in battle. While not as massive and harsh as Caraxes, being extra on par with Tessarion, Seasmoke is a formidable fighter. One can solely wait to see how he’ll carry out in future battles.

6 Vermax: A Prince Of Dragons

Vermax was the dragon belonging to Jacaerys Velaryon, Rhaenyra’s eldest youngster. At first, Jacaerys used Vermax primarily for transportation, appearing as a diplomat and messenger for his mom in the course of the civil battle. However, Jacaerys rode Vermax into battle to avenge his youngest brother and each rider and dragon died when Vermax flew too low and crashed into the ocean.

As of now, neither rider nor dragon has appeared in House of the Dragon but, however they’re set as much as seem in future episodes. Their story will most likely be one of many sadder plotlines within the present, starting epically and ending tragically.

5 Arrax: The Straw That Broke The Dragon’s Back

Arrax, who is claimed to be 5 instances smaller than Vhagar, belonged to Lucerys Velaryon, the second youngster of Rhaenyra Targaryen and Jacarys’s youthful brother. Neither of them appeared a lot within the books, however their homicide had a huge effect on these round them. With their deaths, any probability of peace or reconciliation was gone and the civil battle started.

Arrax and Lucerys have but to seem within the present and are unlikely to play a bigger function within the plot past their deaths. Still, a small half within the palms of the suitable actor can depart a mark on a sequence. Hopefully, followers shall be connected sufficient to Arrax and his younger rider to really feel saddened by his dying.

4 Tyraxes: A Senseless Casualty

Tyraxes belonged to Joffrey Velaryon, Rhaenyra’s youngest son by her first husband. Because of his small measurement and Joffrey’s youth, neither of them noticed battle till the riots at King’s Landing. They died right here, due to Joffrey’s recklessness and his mom’s protectiveness.

So far, Joffrey’s actor hasn’t been listed but. This begs the query of whether or not the showrunners will embody him and Tyraxes within the present in any respect. His brothers’ deaths are tragic sufficient, and it may be a bit a lot to incorporate one more mindless slaughter. Nonetheless, it is just the primary season, and House of the Dragon doesn’t appear any shyer of bloodshed than its predecessor was.

3 Stormcloud: Loyal To The End

Stormcloud belonged to Aegon III Targaryen, Rhaenyra’s eldest youngster by her second husband. One of the youngest dragons within the sequence, Stormcloud is comparatively small and has no preventing expertise. Throughout their time collectively, Aegon solely rode Stormcloud one time when the 2 of them escaped his mom’s enemies. Despite his accidents, Stormcloud obtained Aegon house safely earlier than dying, leaving Aegon traumatized and scarred.

Although Aegon will finally play a big function within the occasions after the civil battle, Stormcloud is unlikely to make many appearances exterior their bittersweet escape. Hopefully, audiences shall be connected sufficient to him to have their hearts damaged by his dying.

2 Morghul: Crushed Before She Had Begun To Bloom

Morghul’s rider was Princess Jaehaera Targaryen. Unfortunately, the 2 of them by no means obtained to fly collectively as Morghul was killed within the riots earlier than Jaehaera ever obtained the prospect. Jaehaera by no means selected one other dragon after that. Morghul is listed as one of many smaller Targaryen dragons however nothing else is understood about her look.

Related: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Dance Of Dragons In House Of The DragonNeither Jaehaera nor Morghul performed a lot of an element within the civil battle within the books and they won’t be seen as a lot in House of the Dragon because the others are. On the opposite hand, the present could take some liberties with these characters, if solely to incorporate Morghul extra typically.

1 Moondancer: Bane Of The Sun

Despite being the smallest dragon on the time of the civil battle, Moondancer was as fierce as her rider, Baela Targaryen. Due to Baela’s intercourse, neither she nor Moondancer was allowed to struggle till the autumn of King’s Landing. As Aegon II rode in on Sunfyre, Baela and Moondancer engaged them in a fierce battle. At first, Moondancer had the higher hand, however as soon as they had been on the bottom, Sunfyre overcame her. Nonetheless, the injuries Moondancer left proved deadly and Sunfyre died just a few months later.

With Baela and Moondancer already confirmed for House of the Dragon, the showdown between Moondancer and Sunfyre feels inevitable. Even beforehand, it ought to be gratifying to see the connection between two strong-willed girls like Baela and Rhaenyra.

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