The antagonistic Androids are mostly related to Dragon Ball Z, however their origins go all the way in which again to the unique Dragon Ball. Androids 17 and 18, in addition to Cell, are important characters within the sequel collection, however Android warriors had been first launched within the Red Ribbon Army saga. Androids disappeared for a prolonged hiatus following the unique collection and are just about forgotten till their apocalyptic return in Dragon Ball Z.

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There have been loads of Androids launched throughout the assorted entries within the ongoing Dragon Ball franchise, from exhibits to motion pictures to video video games. Granted, a few of these Androids may not be 100% canonical, however they’re nonetheless worthy of examination among the many relaxation. There’s sufficient selection among the many kinds of Androids that present up in Dragon Ball Z, Super, and even the unique collection, to immediate wholesome debate over which mechanical creation is the apex Android.

Updated on September 23, 2022 by Daniel Kurland: Endless enemies threaten the universe’s security in Dragon Ball. These villains come from all corners of the multiverse, however one of many extra constant risks that come up is evil androids. Androids have been current in Dragon Ball way back to Goku’s juvenile adventures within the authentic collection and so they’re nonetheless a significant aspect of the anime’s most up-to-date developments.

20 Red Ribbon Goes Through Plenty Of Android Rejects Before Finding Its Formula

Dragon Ball followers are well-acquainted with Androids 16 by way of 20, however their numbers point out that they had been hardly the primary fashions on this scientific course of. Dr. Gero went by way of fairly the trial and error course of when creating Androids for the Red Ribbon Army. Many of his designs that precede Android 16 had been thought of failures and destroyed. Just a few exceptions exist, however many of the early collection Androids had been unsuccessful.

The earliest of those Androids stay a thriller. They had been possible humanoid in look however suffered setbacks in regard to their battle energy. These Androids had been possible liable to malfunctions and weren’t worthy of salvaging, however the classes realized from these failures are essential to Gero’s later creations.

The very first Android Dragon Ball launched was Major Metallitron, again within the authentic collection. Major Metallitron was created by the Red Ribbon Army, although almost certainly not by Dr. Gero, as he isn’t a part of the numbered collection. Metallitron is Goku’s second problem in Muscle Tower, proving to be a troublesome enemy to beat.

Goku blows off Metallitron’s head with a Kamehameha, however the Android retains on going. Metallitron is definitely the primary enemy that Goku faces that is not simply defeated by a Kamehameha. This proves the Android’s power, however that energy is dampened by the truth that Metallitron runs on batteries. After he loses energy, he is simply defeated.

18 Android 8 Is A Powerful Creation With A Heart Of Gold

Android 8 enters the image not lengthy after Major Metallitron’s debut. Android 8 is seemingly the primary success story within the Android line, although the celebrations are short-lived. Android 8 refuses to combat Goku as a result of his form and caring nature. In response, Ninja Murasaki threatens to detonate the bomb inside Android 8 except he assaults.

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Goku saves Android 8 from detonation, then takes care of Ninja Murasaki and later the Android’s bomb. Android 8 in flip protects Goku, which exhibits his true power and that Androids are usually not past redemption. Android 8 is extremely bodily robust and sturdy. He shields Goku from bullets and takes on Major Metallitron, indicating he is even stronger.

17 Android 19 Features Outdated Technology That’s Stuck In The Past

Future Trunks first travels to the previous as a way to warn Goku and firm about two harmful Androids, 17 and 18. However, this timeline proves to be barely completely different, and these heavy-hitters are preceded by an artificially enhanced model of Dr. Gero, in addition to his absolutely mechanical creation, Android 19.

Both Androids 19 and 20 are inferior ki-absorption fashions, however Android 19 nonetheless proves to be a very robust opponent, particularly if he will get shut sufficient to make contact along with his goal. Android 19 is powerful sufficient that it takes somebody as robust as Super Saiyan Vegeta to defeat him.

16 Dr. Gero’s Intense Intellect Is Just As Powerful As His Android Upgrades

Dr. Gero’s cybernetic Android 20 kind, very similar to Android 19 earlier than him, is of the ki-absorption mannequin. This implies that Dr. Gero is reliant on different folks’s power for many of his assaults. However, this doesn’t suggest that he is powerless on his personal. Android 20’s power and sturdiness show to be fairly the problem for Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha. Android 20 even manages to take a direct hit from Goku in his base kind and reveals little-to-no injury.

However, Android 20 remains to be inferior to a few of his different creations. Piccolo is well in a position to tackle Android 20 after he removes his weighted clothes. Dr. Gero manages to get away lengthy sufficient to activate superior Androids, which in the end turns into his ironic undoing.

15 Arale Norimaki Is A Crossover Gag Character Who Steals The Show

Dragon Ball is Akira Toriyama’s biggest declare to fame, however earlier than its genesis he created Dr. Slump. This gag collection follows its titular scientist and his Android daughter, Arale Norimaki. Arale is technically the world’s first profitable Android, and Toriyama sometimes finds methods to work her into the extra action-centric Dragon Ball franchise.

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Arale is extremely robust when she exhibits up within the authentic Dragon Ball. But her gag look in Dragon Ball Super exhibits that she will maintain her personal in opposition to each Vegeta and Goku, even when it is only for a joke. One might argue that Arale ought to be on the high of the checklist since she’s damaged the planet in half with merely her fist. However, the truth that her energy is handled like a punchline implies that she’s unlikely to ever defeat an actual Android villain in Dragon Ball.

14 Imperfect Cell Is The First Step Towards Supremacy

Another Android that Future Trunks is totally oblivious in the direction of is Cell, Dr. Gero’s biggest creation. Cell is the primary Bio-Android and the one Android in Dragon Ball able to possessing ki. Cell was created from the DNA of historical past’s strongest warriors, which elevates him to a lethal standing, even in his Imperfect state.

Cell’s first kind is across the identical stage of power as Android 16 and the 2 are evenly matched in battle. It is not till Imperfect Cell absorbs Android 17 that he is in a position to correctly defeat Android 16. Taking this into consideration, and the truth that Imperfect Cell has to make use of trickery to soak up 17, he is possible nonetheless someplace proper beneath Android 16.

13 Android 16’s Heavy Artillery Are Restrained By His Pacifistic Nature

Android 16, the gentle-natured, synthetic fighter seems to be extra of a hero than a villain. Android 16 has a captivating backstory in that he is made within the picture of Dr. Gero’s son, a fallen soldier within the Red Ribbon Army. Dr. Gero designed Android 16 out of guilt and grief for his boy, which is partly of the rationale behind Android’s non-hostile programming.

Android 16 is an extremely robust and gifted fighter with a synthetic physique that has a vast power supply. This function implies that Android 16 won’t ever lose his stamina, power, or energy. This perk will not be the identical factor as being invincible, and Android 16 nonetheless will get crushed twice by Cell in his Semi-Perfect and full varieties.

12 Android 15 Delivers Big Strength In A Tiny Package

Super Android 13 is an entertaining Dragon Ball Z film that prompts three extra of Dr. Gero’s evil Androids, fashions 13, 14, and 15. The heroes tackle this trio of mechanical threats independently, and the tiny Android 15 seems to be the weakest of the lot.

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Vegeta in the end defeats Android with a sinlge punch whereas he’s in Super Saiyan mode. Vegeta doesn’t should do rather more when he defeats Android 19, who’s presupposed to be a extra inferior mannequin.

11 Android 14 Superior Programming Can’t Withstand The Mighty Blade of Future Trunks

Android 13 is the one one who quantities to a lot in Super Android 13, and even then it’s solely after he’s absorbed his fallen fighters’ circuitry in order that he can evolve into Super 13. Android 14 seems like he may very well be the strongest Android of the trio, however his historic warrior look seems to be extra model than substance.

Android 14 crosses paths with Future Trunks as Vegeta and Goku tackle the opposite two. Trunks swiftly slices by way of Android 14 with minimal effort. However, Future Trunks has taken down some mighty fighters with simply his sword and made it seem like baby’s play.

10 Semi-Perfect Cell Get Closer Towards His Deadly Goal

Cell’s energy stage instantly doubles after he efficiently absorbs Android 17. With this newfound power, Cell turns into rather more of a risk than in his earlier kind. However, this manner known as “Semi-Perfect” for a motive, and it poses a minimal problem for stronger characters, like Super Saiyan Second Grade Vegeta.

Semi-Perfect Cell nonetheless manages to make use of his upgraded power to simply apprehend and take up Android 18, together with the added assist of Vegeta’s hubris. Absorbing Android 18 elevates Cell’s power to much more scary heights, however he is nonetheless in a position to deal with many of the Z-Fighters in his Semi-Perfect kind.

9 Super Android 13 Absorbs His Fallen Comrades’ Circuitry

Androids 14 and 15 are flashy foes, however the true Android juggernaut to return out of the Dragon Ball Z motion pictures is Super Android 13. In his commonplace kind, Android 13 chooses Goku as his opponent slightly than Future Trunks or Vegeta, which speaks to a sure stage of power and conceitedness on his half.

Android 13 really has extra in frequent with Cell than another Android. He’s in a position to enhance his power by way of the absorption of different Androids. Super Android 13 is supposedly stronger than Meta Cooler, which additionally places him above the remainder of Dragon Ball Z‘s Cell Saga enemies.

8 Perfect Cell Boasts Himself As The Ultimate Artificial Life Form

Perfect Cell is the intimidating results of Dr. Gero’s creation absorbing each Androids 17 and 18. Perfect Cell receives a drastic enhance, which makes him the strongest fighter that anybody has confronted on the time. This energy comes along with the truth that he also can set off the Z-Fighters’ strongest strikes, regenerate misplaced mass, and reproduce highly effective tiny variations of himself.

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Perfect Cell additionally possesses a self-destruct maneuver, which he himself is highly effective sufficient to get well from. It briefly looks as if nobody will have the ability to high his energy, however the debut of a Super Saiyan 2 is lastly in a position to humble this synthetic antagonist.

7 Android 18 Outlives Her Original Purpose And Continues To Grow Stronger

Android 18 is sort of equivalent to her brother, and never simply because they’re twins. Both Androids have infinite power cores and immense power. Android 18 turns into a way more outstanding participant than her brother in Dragon Ball after she begins a household with Krillin. Android 17’s exploits stay a thriller throughout this time, and whereas Android 18 does barely calm down, she additionally by no means turns her again on fight.

It would have been protected to imagine that Android 18 was her brother’s superior, particularly since Toriyama has beforehand indicated that 17 might need a programming flaw in his energy core. Both Androids are important members within the Tournament of Power, however Android 18’s empathy and love for Krillin results in her earlier elimination.

6 Android 17 Becomes Universe 7’s Saving Grace

Android 17 does not get to achieve his full potential throughout his authentic Cell Saga look. Strangely sufficient, it takes the character a chronic absence and the threatened erasure of the universe in Dragon Ball Super to lastly make a considerable return. The Android 17 from Dragon Ball Z would rank manner beneath Perfect Cell, however the Android 17 of Dragon Ball Super is a hero of Universe 7 and the grand winner of the multiversal Tournament of Power.

Like his sister and Android 16, Android 17 is a vast power mannequin, which implies that he lacks a ki signature due to his inner power core. This energy core, together with Android 17’s enhanced cybernetic power, sturdiness, and synthetic flight make him one of many strongest fighters in all of Dragon Ball.

5 Super 17 Is The Fierce Fusion Of Two Cyborg Killing Machines

Dragon Ball GT stays a contentious sequel collection, and it has solely grow to be more and more irrelevant following Dragon Ball Super’s success. Dragon Ball GT returns to a variety of acquainted concepts, however one among their extra fascinating experiments includes a super-powered improve of Android 17.

In hell, Dr. Gero groups up with Machine Mutant scientist, Dr. Myuu. Their mixed brilliance and the malevolent fusion of Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17 ends in Super 17. Super 17 is sufficient of a risk that Goku wants to show to each Super Saiyan 4 energy and his not often used Dragon Fist maneuver to get the job performed.

4 Android 21 Is An Original Toriyama Creation Who’s Become A Recent Revelation

Akira Toriyama has created some authentic Dragon Ball characters for sure video game installments, lots of that are thought of to be part of the franchise’s canon. Android 21 made her debut within the widespread combating game, Dragon Ball FighterZ and is among the more moderen examples of this phenomenon. The title’s story mode reveals that there was yet another Android that Dr. Gero was growing other than Cell, Android 21. Like Cell, Android 21 is a Bio-Android who’s constructed from the cells of the universe’s strongest warriors, which on this case additionally consists of Majin Buu’s DNA.

Dr. Gero makes use of Majin Buu’s cells to change and improve his spouse, Vomi, who additionally occurs to be the mom of Android 16. This makes for a compelling origin story that justifies Android 21’s existence and makes her really feel like a pure discovery.

3 Evil Android 21 Offers A Taste Of Unprecedented Peril

Android 21 experiences a painful schism that divides her into two halves, and the evil aspect of her persona asserts extra management. Evil Android 21 is considerably stronger than her kind-hearted model, which additionally implies that she’s radically stronger than most of Earth’s Z-Fighters. This model of Android 21 is initially weaker than her authentic kind, since she’s break up in two, however she’s in a position to rectify this after she absorbs Cell and receives a critical improve.

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With Cell absorbed, Evil Android 21 is way extra highly effective than another Dragon Ball character. Even the mixed efforts of Earth’s biggest heroes fall quick to her power. Evil Android 21 even manages to carry off Goku’s Spirit Bomb, the totemic assault that efficiently destroys each different villain. This is sufficient to take into account her Dragon Ball‘s strongest Android till the occasions of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

2 Gamma 1 And 2 Set A New Standard For Mass-Produced Mechanical Malevolence

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero returns to the collection’ roots with the emergence of Red Ribbon as its central risk. Red Ribbon is chargeable for many of the Androids that seem in Dragon Ball, however the work of Dr. Hedo, Gero’s grandson, goes past something they’ve beforehand completed.

Gamma 1 and a pair of look radically completely different from the earlier humanoid Android fashions, however in addition they carry unprecedented energy. Their pace, power, and magnificence are off the charts, and it’s possible that any future Androids will observe their mannequin and never Gero’s previous creations.

1 Cell Max Is The Epitome Of Android Strength Whose Full Power Has Yet To Be Seen

Cell Max reveals himself as the ultimate foe within the franchise’s most up-to-date function movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Cell Max is constructed from the identical blueprints as the unique Cell, however Dr. Hedo applies important upgrades to the process. Akira Toriyama has revealed that if Cell Max’s incubation interval had been allowed to achieve completion then his energy can be better than even Broly.

Even in his unstable and ferocious state, Cell Max remains to be on the extent of Orange Piccolo and Gohan Beast and exponentially stronger than another Android. Even Gamma 2’s self-destruct sacrifice barely makes an influence on Cell Max.

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