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    Everspace 2 is a space-based ARPG where players take control of a combat spaceship and explore various star systems. Along with tons of intense combat elements, it also features various puzzles for you to solve. Players will face one of the trickiest puzzle sections in the main story mission Picking Up the Pieces, which involves collecting five components of alien technology from various locations and a deceptively difficult drone operation section. The following is a complete guide on how you can easily complete the Picking Up The Pieces story mission in Everspace 2.

    How to complete the main mission Picking Up The Pieces in Everspace 2

    Picking Up The Pieces is a story mission that is unlocked after completing the X Marks The Spot mission. After rescuing Eduardo, you must help her partner Khala build alien technology to help her return home. This involves collecting five spatial derivation components from various locations. This is how you can complete each part of the mission with ease.

    search the wreck

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    The first location will be in the wreckage of Khala’s ship in Athor Orbit. Once you reach the location, you must try to find a way to get into the wreckage of the alien spaceship.

    • First, go to the small opening in front of Khala’s ship to take control of a drone to get through the opening.
    • Fly the drone through the pipe to avoid electrocution, then follow the pipe past the rubble to enter a room with a power core dispenser and a shield generator.
    • Eject the unstable energy core then drag it to the right side to bring it back around the shield wall
    • Release the Power Core into the tube it has a strong current of air flowing through it. The Power Core will collide with the Shield Generator, causing an explosion and leaving a small hole in the wall. This will also disable the protective wall behind the Power Core Dispenser.
    • Eject another Power Core from the dispenser and then go through the small hole in the wall to insert it into the power core socket in the next room. Then hack the Terminal with the drone to open the front door Khala’s ship.
    • Once the main gate opens and you gain control of your ship, turn towards the new quest marker which points you towards another Power Core Socket through the ruins.
    • The Power Core dispenser located above the socket in this area will be blocked by a laser beam. Use a piece of debris floating nearby, and place it between the laser beam to cut off its flow. You can now safely eject the Power Core and insert it into the Power Core Socket just below it. Doing so will open the doors to the energy sphere dispenser together with him.
    • Create an energy sphere and then quickly carry it through the front door from the Khala ship that you previously opened with the drone and insert it into the Power sphere socket. This will open the doors inside the ship to reveal a secure container.
    • Inside the room with the container, there will be two shield generators you must destroy to access the contents of the container. One generator will be covered by a piece of metal that you must shoot to destroy, and another will be covered by a piece of floating debris.
    • Once you destroy both shield generators, shoot the Red light on top of the safe container to open it and retrieve the first space bypass component.

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    Dock in The Flying Dutchess

    After retrieving the first space bypass component, Marie from The Flying Duchess will arrive at the location. After the short dialogue sequence, she docks at The Flying Duchess to interact with Marie. She will give you the second Spatial Bypass component and inform you where she can find the other three components.

    Destroy the outlaw base in Outlaw Stronghold

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    After interacting with Marie aboard The Flying Duchess, you need to head to three separate marked locations. We suggest heading to the outlaw base in Outlaw Stronghold first. The base is in the Zharkov orbit, and is the closest location to Athor Orbit, saving you the hassle of going through Jump Gates multiple times.

    Arriving at the location, get ready to fight the outlaws who will resist your attempt to destroy their base. Proceed to eliminate all the outlaws and then destroy the required number of Fuel tanks, power coils, turretsand bomb launchers. Once everything is destroyed, the core of the Outlaw Base will be exposed. Destroy the core to retrieve the third space bypass component.

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    Dock at the smugglers base at Cartwright’s Wake

    Your next location will be the Smugglers Base at Cartwright’s Wake. Upon reaching the location and docking at the base, Tarjak will give you the space bypass component for free after a short dialogue sequence.

    Dock at G&B Office & Hangar at Prescott Starbase

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    Your last stop will be the G&B office and hangar at the Prescott base. The G & B employee at this base will inform you that the component he is looking for has been transferred to the G&B Union Branch in Noah Damaris Starportso you should head there.

    After docking at the G&B Union branch in Damaris Starport, exhaust the dialogue sequence with the G&B clerk, undock from the station and wait a few seconds for the G&B Freighter to dock and unload the items. Then, dock back at the G&B Union Branch station when the quest marker appears again. This time, the G&B employee will offer you the final spatial bypass component for a fee of 20,000 Credits. Purchase the component from the shop, and then return to your base of operations on Rhodia II to inform Khala that he has recovered all the necessary space bypass components.

    There you go! Upon arrival in Rhodia II, a cutscene will play, after which you will be notified of the completion of the mission. Finishing the Pick Up the Pieces quest will grant you 7000 experience points, and allow you to unlock the spatial omission per of Khala in the Benefits menu.

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