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    Everspace 2 is a shooter and looter based in the void of space, with a deep emphasis on action RPG elements. On your journey through Cluster 34, you will meet many strangers, face enemies, and pilot different ships with various abilities and strengths. Not all ships are built equal, and which ship you choose to command comes down to your desired playstyle and preference. However, if you’re looking to get a new boat and wondering how they fare against each other, we’ve got you covered. The following is a ranked list of the best ships in Everspace 2.

    Best Ships Tier List for Everspace 2

    Level ships
    S Gunship, Scout, Interceptor
    TO Vindicator, Beater
    B. stinger, sentinel
    C. Vanguard
    D. Bombing

    Every Ship In Everspace 2, Ranked

    All ships in Everspace 2 are classified into three main classes: light, medium, and heavy. Additionally, each class has a subclass of ships, each with their own special abilities, ults, and passives. While some attributes differ depending on the ship’s tier, its specialization, abilities, and weapon slots remain the same. With that being said, the following is a list of all the ships you can find in Everspace 2, ranked.



    Gunships outperform all other ships in Everspace 2 when it comes to raw DPS and heavy tanking abilities. It comes equipped with two additional main weapon hardpoints, effectively doubling all the damage it deals. For her ULT, she deploys an automated turret that fires projectiles at nearby enemies for a certain amount of time, meaning you can shoot enemies with your primary and secondaries even with the ult activated. It may be the slowest of all the ships in the game, but it more than makes up for its lack of maneuverability with a devastating arsenal of weapons.


    The Scout is a light-class ship that specializes in sniper-type playstyles. The Ranger special ability allows him to gain an additional 4% damage for every 100 meters away from a target, and his ULT makes him invisible to enemies and increases weapon damage by up to 300%. For this reason, the Scout benefits from engaging targets from a distance, which is great because she lacks the damage soaking capabilities of medium and heavy ships.

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    The Interceptor is the best of all mid-class ships, thanks to its overall versatility. It comes with three slots each for primary and secondary weapons. He can fire weapons for a longer time due to his Power Converter special ability, which uses boost energy to fire weapons when the weapon’s energy is depleted. Activating his ult significantly increases weapon damage and fire speed, provides unlimited weapon energy, and refreshes for one second with each kill. If you’re looking for a boat that knows it all, you can’t go wrong with the Interceptor.

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    The Vindicator is a necromancer-type heavy ship that can summon up to five drones to aid it in battle from the wreckage of enemy ship parts. Purely due to this special ability, he can be a force to be reckoned with even without any player input. It also happens to be the fastest of all the heavy class ships and can pack a lot of damage thanks to the extra shields it receives for each spawned drone.


    The Striker excels in the midst of battle against swarms of enemies. His special ability increases weapon damage for each enemy within 500 meters of his radius, up to a maximum of 30%. With his ULT, he can turn a target into a tether anchor that attaches to five nearby enemies that take damage dealt to the target. If you’re looking for a ship with decent defense that won’t be scared off in the heat of battle, the Striker is the one for you.



    The Stinger is a light class ship that specializes in the use of gadgets. Thanks to his Device Master special ability, all devices on this ship automatically gain a device upgrade level, making it easy to master the devices and unlock their bonus modes. Additionally, activating gadgets adds a main weapon hardpoint temporarily, effectively increasing DPS for the duration. With his ULT, he can reset all gadget cooldowns and unleash a swarm of bots that deal damage to fixed targets, as well as restore helmet and armor when they return.

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    The Sentinel is the first ship you get in Everspace 2. Although it’s not as good as the other mid-class ships, it still excels in almost any situation. She specializes in the use of consumables and can be equipped with up to four consumables. The Induction special ability allows you to gain weapon fire speed depending on your shield level, and activating the ULT turns the ship’s primary weapons into zappers that emit beams that deal damage to a target as well as other nearby enemies.



    The Vanguard is a highly mobile light-class ship that excels primarily in reconnaissance. She is the fastest ship in the game and benefits from fast travel. While she is boosting or navigating, the ship gains increased shields up to 200% of her shield capacity. When she fires at a target from behind, she gains an additional critical chance bonus, and with her ULT, she can slow down time to quickly reposition herself in a sticky situation.



    The Bomber is similar to the Gunship, but specializes primarily in secondary weapons. Unlike other ships, she uses weapon energy to fire secondary weapons, rather than ammunition. She comes with three secondary weapon slots, and her ULT fires a massive projectile that explodes on impact, dealing AoE damage to enemies. However, she cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with the other heavy-class ships due to her general lack of utility in the midst of a frenzied battle.

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