Even GTA 6 fans have given up on reveal rumours


    Giving Battletoads Arcade and Battletoads a run for their money in terms of waits between sequels, Rockstar Games is sure taking its sweet time with the next Grand Theft Auto. While no one was surprised GTA 6 was in the works, the developer was a little slow on the announcement that it’s officially in development.

    Although GTA 6 is out there somewhere in the great abyss of development drama, it’s over to the various leakers and dataminers to keep us watered. To say we’re parched of official news from Rockstar would be an understatement. The problem is, even the most diehard fans are bored of the GTA 6 release rumours.

    GTA 6 release rumours are ‘boring’ fans 

    Is it coming in 2024, is it coming in 2028, will we have to wait for a mythical PS6 and Xbox Series sequel? Up there with where the next game will be set, the GTA 6 release rumours are the automotive adventure’s biggest mystery. We’re told a big announcement could be on the way, but having been burned before, we’re not so sure.

    Leaker @GTAIVNews claimed that September and October are big months for GTA 6, seemingly hinting that we could finally get a GTA 6 reveal event and possibly even a release date. The problem is, we’re heard this a million times before. One critic grumbled, “Source: Dude, trust me.”

    Another naysayer added, “We’ve been saying ‘The next couple of months will be interesting’ for literal years tho. If you’re smart, you’ll just wait it out at this point and not get hyped until Rockstar actually announces something specific. Until then, the hype is wasted on potentially nothing again.”

    A third said, “Just like June and July was? And August is? People need to stop saying this stuff every dang month,” and a fourth concluded, “No. I’ll keep assuming they won’t announce it anytime soon on purpose because I’m tired of being this hopeful every month for the past year.”

    Could GTA 6 release in 2024?

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    It’s clear some of you are losing your patience with Rockstar (we don’t blame you), but just like the surprise tweet making GTA 6 official dropping out of nowhere, we should expect the unexpected. Still, we imagine the internet will go into meltdown when the GTA 6 trailer eventually lands.

    As for the GTA 6 release, the evidence is mounting for a 2024 release date. Take-Two Interactive financials point at a 2024 release, which was then seemingly locked in. GTA 6 releasing next year seems like a baffling idea since we’ve heard nothing from it, but fingers crossed, we’ll find out soon. 


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