Era of Althea Snap tier list (August 2023)


    If you’re unsure of which magic types are best in Era of Althea, our Snap tier list will help you to decide which to prioritise this month in August 2023.

    Era of Althea is a popular Roblox role-playing game where players explore to complete quests, defeat various bosses, and collect new gear to improve. The game‘s magic system is a big part of the experience, allowing you to learn Snaps, forms of magic that range from Necromancy to Gravity.

    So, keep reading for our ranking of the best magic types with our Era of Althea Snap tier list for August 2023

    Era of Althea Snap tier list

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    There are 21 Snaps – or magic types – in Era of Althea, with each having different roles to play when used in combat, ranging from straight damage to crowd control, support, and much more.

    Each type of magic has its own strengths and weaknesses, but some clearly rise above the rest due to their potential use. Here’s our full Era of Althea Snap tier list:

    Tier Snap
    S Tier Necromancy, Time, Gravity, Anti-Magic
    A Tier Sound, Spatial, Heavenly Body, Trap, Star, Explosion
    B Tier Compose, Frost, Wind, Water, Demon, Shadow
    C Tier Fire, Dark, Light, Healing, Lightning

    How to get Snaps in Era of Althea

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    Snaps have different tiers of rarity in Era of Althea, making the better ones more difficult to acquire, however, you can earn nearly all of them through the re-roll system, where you roll to replace one Snap with a new one.

    Here are the percentage chances we know about when it comes to earning the different Snaps that can be gained from a re-roll:

    • 1% – Time, Gravity, Anti-Magic
    • 3.5% – Shadow, Star, Spatial, Demon, Sound
    • 5% – Compose, Heavenly Body
    • 15% – Explosion, Healing, Frost
    • 65% – Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Wind
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    How to get the Necromancy Snap in Era of Althea

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    Necromancy is the only Snap you can’t earn from re-rolls, as it requires you to take some specific steps for it to drop.

    To earn Necromancy, you will need to start a quest on the Alfa Kingdom Request board, which will task you with defeating a Bone Tyrant. They are located in the Town of Toku, and when fighting the boss, you will need to have the Dark Snap equipped. This makes it, so the boss has a chance to drop Necromancy after being defeated.

    That’s all for our Era of Althea Snap tier list, and now you know the best Snap magic in the game, along with how to get the various Snap types. For more Roblox content, check out our Roblox homepage, or check out our rundown of the spawn locations in Blox Fruits.


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