Energetic Guitar is back with new songs



    Vertigo Games and PLAION have added a new version of Unplugged: Air Guitar to the mix. This one is called Take Control update, but it gives a number of VR controllers you can get used to, and adds over twenty new songs, from rock, punk to metal music. You also have four new guitar models to choose from, and more than twenty new cosmetic items will deck out your gear if you feel fit. We got more information about it below.

    Get some credit for the Vertigo Games.

    The Take Control update is the latest addition to unplugged: Air Guitar, the critically acclaimed and Q/T 2018-winning VR guitar game developed by the lead guitarist of the famed Guitar Hero franchise. Unplugged lets you play all of your favorite headbangers and etch your name into the rock history in an immersive VR experience. At the highest level, try and relive some of the world’s greatest and most crazy-sound songs from famous rock bands, like The Offspring, Weezer and Ozzy, all while becoming a rock legend in your own right. With Steel Panther’s inimitable frontman Satchel as your mentor. Through enhanced controller support for VR, the game’s signature guitar gameplay has been fully enhanced to provide the award-winning virtual guitar experience to the gamers. The air guitarist is an immersive piece of music:…

    • One-player journey celebrating over five decades of rock and punk-infused history.
    • The sound of your arrival and the greatness of your country and soul, reveals new venues for the unlocking new musicals.
    • Twenty-plus rock hits across four difficulty levels and a practice mode for bettering your riffs.
    • World leaders are global leaders so that players can take their skills to the charts and earn rankings.
    • All the other bands to rock to, like Muse, Slayer, and Pantera, are available in DLC packs.
    • It’s your choice for the ability to play hand or with your preferred controller, so you can use the control to gain the highest degree of comfort.



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